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Tejano TikTok star Lexie Rodriguez joins Tejano Nation as contributor

The social media star will bring her passion for Tejano culture to the top source for everything Tejano.

Lexie Rodriguez | Photo: Thomas Vasquez

Tejano TikTok star Lexie Rodriguez joins Tejano Nation as brand ambassador and contributor, sharing her unique social media content with the leading source for Tejano music, news and culture.


Rodriguez is best known for her Tejano TikTok personality and promoting the Tejano genre through the social media platform to over 25,000 fans. However, she has been no stranger to the Tejano industry, given her father, Mico Rodriguez, was a radio personality for over 20 years beginning in the late 1980s. This experience offered her plenty of opportunities to not only meet artists but raised on all our favorite Tejano hits.

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“Lexie’s passion to promote Tejano culture is second to none and she’s a great addition to the Tejano Nation family,” said John Henry Medina, Digital Managing Editor at Tejano Nation. “Her unique brand of content has been entertaining thousands of her fans on TikTok and Tejano Nation gives an additional platform to expand her fun and exciting material to more Tejano fans, including exclusive interviews with emerging and veteran Tejano stars.”

The success for Rodriguez on TikTok began one night after she had a handful of people join in during a live stream noticing the Tejano music playing in the background and started requesting songs to play. She made a TikTok video the next day (which happened to be a Friday) using an iconic song from Fama, “Ojitos Color Cafe,” and it was a huge hit. She’s been doing “Tejano Fridays” on TikTok ever since and is incorporating new ways to continue to bring Tejano music to the TikTok universe.

“I’m very excited to be joining the Tejano Nation team and the opportunities that lie ahead,” said Rodriguez. “I can’t wait to continue bringing Tejano news to y’all!”

Outside of promoting, Rodriguez has a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership with experience in the healthcare onboarding and recruitment area. She’s looking forward to utilizing some of her professional experiences towards her new opportunities in the Tejano industry.

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