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The Wiggles Unveil Spanish-Language Programming

‘Los Wiggles,’ featuring an entirely Spanish-speaking cast, is available exclusively on The Wiggles YouTube channel beginning July 6.

Zoe Velez, Anthony Field, and Francisco Madrid | Courtesy photo

NEW YORK, NY –  (LATINX NEWSWIRE) – Spanish is the second-most widely spoken language in the world (after Mandarin Chinese), with 400 million native speakers. You can now add The Wiggles, or more accurately Los Wiggles, to the list of those that speak Spanish.


The Wiggles, the world’s most popular children’s entertainment group, is proud to announce the debut of Spanish-language programming comprised entirely of a Hispanic cast. “Los Wiggles” will perform both classic Wiggles’ and original music infused into a series that features hilarious adventures, dancing, storytelling and of course Los Wiggles’ friends: Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Henry the Octopus, Wags the Dog and all the Wiggly Dancers. All Los Wiggles programming will air exclusively on The Wiggles YouTube channel.

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On Tuesday, July 6th a ten-minute Los Wiggles Play Time episode will debut on The Wiggles rapidly exploding YouTube channel, which continues to be The Wiggles most inclusive and diverse content platform. New Play Time episodes will air the first Tuesday of every month. The brand-new Los Wiggles Play Time episodes will be augmented by episodes of the 2006 Latin American Wiggles series, a franchise exclusively developed for Latin America, but which has never aired elsewhere. All twenty-six 22-minute episodes will be available for the first-time ever to the rest of the world as part of Los Wiggles programming on The Wiggles YouTube channel. Fans can also enjoy compilations and playlists of the songs featured in both the original and new series.

“There is a need for diversity in program content for children across the world. This was a natural first-step extension of The Wiggles that brings our core childhood education entertainment to Spanish-speaking children and families around the world,” says Anthony Field, Blue Wiggle and founding member of The Wiggles. “Children need to see and hear people that look and sound like them, Los Wiggles delivers wonderful Spanish-speaking entertainment that feels and sounds authentic.”

Los Wiggles features an entirely Spanish-speaking cast. The line-up consists of Zoe Velez (Blue Wiggle), Fernando Moguel (Yellow Wiggle), Katty Villafuerte (Purple Wiggle), and Francisco Madrid (Red Wiggle), and Victor Valdes (Captain Feathersword). Each member of Los Wiggles brings their unique cultural experiences; Zoe is of Uruguayan and Australian heritage, Katty is a second-generation Australian of Peruvian parents, Fernando is Mexican-American, and Francisco is Venezuelan.

Similar to The Wiggles, each member of Los Wiggles has their own trademark nuance. Katty (Purple Wiggle) gets very sleepy, but it also an incredibly energetic dancer. Zoe (Blue Wiggle) is a fabulous singer and a very accomplished Flamenco dancer. Fernando (Yellow Wiggle) loves telling stories, and Francisco (Red Wiggle) is the king of the air guitar.

Los Wiggles work directly with the brand’s creator and Blue Wiggle Anthony Field, as well as the entire Wiggles team to create all of the content. This ensures Los Wiggles is fueled by both Hispanic cultural and core Wiggles authenticity.

“Being a member of Los Wiggles is quite an achievement in many ways,” says Francisco Madrid, Red Wiggle. “In today’s world, inclusion and diversity are critical, Los Wiggles offers a great way for all children to celebrate diversity, igniting their imagination and curiosity for other cultures and languages.”

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