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Bean & Chisme duo debut ‘Hoodrat Cumbia’ music video

'Bean & Chisme' hosts release official music video for 'Hoodrat Cumbia'.

The hosts of hit webshow “Bean & Chisme are celebrating the return of San Antonio’s Fiesta season this summer with the release of the official music video for their original song “Hoodrat Cumbia” on Thursday.


The song, written by “Bean & Chisme” hosts Samantha Najera and Nina Duran, had been produced and ready to go since last year, but with the cancellation of Fiesta due to the pandemic in 2020, they decided to hold off and make the release extra special this year.

“After such a saddening year, we feel the song is just what we all need to kick things off for Fiesta. We are also very excited to have something that is original yet has the vibes of cumbia, freestyle, and hip-hop,” says Duran. “We hope this song brings back the Fiesta magic we all love. I want this song to be played at every party, quince, wedding, you name it,” stated Najera.

The video features some our San Antonio’s favorite personalities and hoodrats including — Victor Cervantez, Esmeralda Idelis, Lauren Acuna, Joanna Estrada AKA Chona-E, Tito Caballero, Carlton Zeus, The 210 Chismosa AKA Cecilia Chavez, Fiesta Sucia AKA Marquita Corin Richarte , Norteno 210, AJ Rivas, Ashley Amador and of course ‘Bean & Chisme’ duo Samantha Najera AKA Lil’ Chismosa and Nina Duran AKA Lil Frijolita.

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The “Bean & Chisme” show started as a live, unfiltered, web series on Facebook and quickly gained followers once the co-hosted duo started producing spin-off videos such as “Hoodrats at Fiesta” and “The Real Hoodrats of San Antonio.” 

Creators Najera and Duran are now on a mission to take the show to a national audience while making an impact in the Hispanic community. The show has grown into a brand with a merchandise line and thousands of followers from South Texas to New York; and even overseas – captivating a wide audience beyond San Antonio.

The duo seeks to educate and entertain the Hispanic community by speaking about topics that are often taboo.

“We like to make fun of our people for having plate sales for funerals, or not voting, or not having it together, but by using that humor we hope the comedy sheds light on the reality; therefore starting the conversation influencing change,” stated Najera.

With hopes of going national, the duo is working hard to continue producing fun and engaging content that appeals to all, not just the local Hispanic audience. Season 3 of “Bean & Chisme” is planned to premiere later this summer.

“Hoodrat Cumbia” is available to stream or download from all major digital music platforms.

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