Siggno set to release ‘Verdad Que Duele’ collaboration with Chris Perez

The Grammy-winning band and Grammy-winning guitarist have teamed for a new single out June 18.

Siggno and Chris Perez on set of “Verdad Que Duele” music video. | Facebook/Official Siggno

Siggno is set to release their latest single “Verdad Que Duele” on June 18, a collaboration with Grammy-winning guitarist Chris Perez. The official music video will premiere the same day.


Siggno frontman Jesse Turner has been a fan of Perez since watching the guitarist perform as part of Selena Y Los Dinos nearly 30 years ago.

Turner tells Tejano Nation he was excited for the collaboration. “Us coming in with Chris Perez opens more doors, more opportunities for other artists to take a chance,” he said. “Everybody is always scared. Everybody wants to sound the same. We’re not wanting to sound the same, we’re just trying to make music and it sounds good and it’s being accepted.”

“Verdad Que Duele” will feature three versions, the “Rockteno” version is the collaboration with Chris Perez, a pop version, and ballad version. The collection of tunes will be available to stream or download at all major digital music platforms on June 18. The official music video with Chris Perez will premiere the same day.

“I can’t tell you the energy that he brings and the vibe that he brought when we were recording the music video,” said Turner. “The minute he came into the scene to shoot his part to do his solo it was like if you were hearing a solo in one of Selena’s songs.”

Perez will join Siggno on stage to perform the new song for the first time at the Tejano Explosion concert series in San Antonio on Saturday, June 19. The night will also feature performances from Jaime DeAnda and Chente Barrera.

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