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Oscar G returns with catchy cumbia ‘Es Amor’

The Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame singer returns with a catchy cumbia produced by Brando Mireles.

Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame singer Oscar G has returned with a catchy new cumbia “Es Amor.”


The award-winning singer says the song was written by the “dream makers,” it was written by Ramon Lopez and Brando Mireles, who also produced the track.

Oscar G tells Tejano Nation he had plans to release the song before the pandemic. “The plan was to release it Valentine’s Day 2020 but then the virus started to crawl in and it spooked us and we said, ‘You know what, let’s see what happens, maybe this will go away.’ Fast forward to 2021 and here we are,” he said.

The veteran singer added he took the time off during the pandemic to hit the studio with Mireles and work on a full album.

“I took advantage of the fact that Brando was not touring along with no one in this industry because the whole state was shut down,” he said. “He lives five minutes from my house, we spent the whole 2020 recording. We have a bunch of songs and we plan to release a follow-up song and once that follow-up song starts to sizzle we’ll release a whole CD.”

“Es Amor” features top musicians including Mireles, Homero Esquivel on accordion, and backup vocals from Aisha. It’s available to stream or download at your favorite digital music platform.

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