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Tejano TikTok star joins Mike Gonzalez and the Iconiczz on stage to pay tribute to Jimmy Gonzalez

The Tik Tok star joined a tribute performance for the late Tejano icon in Houston on June 5.

Mike Gonzalez | Courtesy photo

Tejano TikTok star ElTejanoJohnAngel, also known as John Robles, started off singing classic Tejano favorites from his truck, singing songs we all know from Grupo Mazz, Pio Trevino and Siggno. Due to his instant success on the TikTok social media app, reaching almost 70k followers, he’s caught the attention of some major Tejano artists, including Mike Gonzalez and the Iconiczz.


Robles was given the opportunity to join Mike and the Iconiczz on June 5 for a tribute to late Tejano icon Jimmy Gonzalez at El Social in Houston, and based on the crowd’s reaction, he did not disappoint.

“I feel very grateful for every like, every comment, every share, every duet, every thing that has been done on TikTok that had given me this opportunity to be able to play with Mike G and the Iconiczz,” Robles told fellow Tejano TikTok star Lexie Rodriguez in a interview. “One of my videos went viral, they reached out to me, the said, ‘Hey, would you like to sing a couple of tunes with us.’ I was able to do that, it was amazing! I loved it!”

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Jimmy Gonzalez passed away in June 2018 and is remembered as a pioneer, icon, and one of the most influential artists in Tejano Music leading Grupo Mazz to multiple Grammy Awards and Latin Grammy Awards.

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You can expect to see more of Robles in the Tejano industry as he starts his own band, ConXzion, which has already confirmed to open for Stefani Montiel in August 2021 on her La Dueña Vida Tour.

Thanks to this social media app, we may very well be on the way to seeing more Tejano artists, like ElTejanoJohnAngel, make their way to the industry.

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