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JC Hernandez debuts with ‘La Mujer Perfecta’ cumbia from inaugural EP

The Arkansas singer launches solo career with 'La Mujer Perfecta,' the title track from his debut EP.

JC Hernandez is a newcomer to the Tejano music scene but the Arkansas native has been around music for most of his life. Born and raised in Hunstville, Arkansas, Hernandez began his love of music at the age of 5 when he was gifted a set of drums by his family, who are originally from Guanajuato, Mexico.


At the age of 12, Hernandez began playing keyboards for his uncle’s band, Ritmo Colegial, performing Grupero sounds. He later connected with La Diferencia at age of 17 until joining Norteño band El Proyecto a year later playing congas, spending half a decade with the group.

Hernandez, who currently resides in Springdale, Arkansas, cites his musical influences as Selena, Jesse Turner, Pete Astudillo, Bobby Pulido, and Elida Reyna. His sound resembles artists like Siggno, IntocableDuelo, La Calma, and Los Palominos

The musician is now adding his vocal skills to his repertoire as he released his debut EP, La Mujer Perfecta, produced by Eddie Perez of La Calma. The collection of songs features some of the top-notch musicians en la Onda Tejana including Perez, Joey “JMZ” Jimenez, Michael Machado, Cesar “Chato” Sanchez, Aaron Holler, Lalo Morales, and Abel Barajas, with musical arrangements from two-time Latin GRAMMY winner Oscar Manuel Ponce

The debut single for JC Hernandez is a fun cumbia conceived from his passion of Tejano and Norteño music genres. 

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The talented vocalist and musician embarks on his solo career with a path deeply rooted in Regional Mexican music with his debut EP, La Mujer Perfecta, available to stream or download at all digital music platforms.

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