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Midwest-based Karizma Band returns with ‘Chiquita’ cumbia

The Tejano band from Holland, Michigan released a new cumbia from upcoming 10-track album.

From left to right:
Michael Martinez (Guitar/Vocals), Javier Guerrero (Sax/Percussion), Augie Munoz (Bass), Guillermo “Willy” Martinez (Accordion/Vocals), Lupe Rodriguez (Bajo Sexto/Vocals), George Salazar (Vocals), and Steve Ortiz (Drums). Missing is John Ortiz (Keys/Percussion)

Karizma Band is a well established Tejano Group from Holland, Michigan and formed in the 1980s was in high demand opening up for top Tejano artists and now rocking Tejano again the new Karizma way.


The group enjoyed performing throughout the Midwest during the early 1990s. In 2013, five of the original members arranged a reunion dance with other former bandmates for what was supposed to be one big night and then SUCCESS! The response by the fans is what gives Karizma Band the ability to jam and give fans the best show on stage! It’s showtime!

A short time after touring and going down memory lane, Karizma Band began writing their own original songs in 2019. The group knew it would be tough and challenging with many of rehearsals until the new original cumbia titled “Chiquita” was released.

The group signed a record deal with Rudy Records of Detroit, Michigan and with producer Rudy Pena of Rudy Pena Productions started to record at 10 songs for an album, with seven originals by members of Karizma Band.

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