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Javier Hugo releases new cumbia ‘Todo Me Gusta De Ti’

The singer and songwriter released new cumbia "Todo Me Gusta De Ti".

Javier Hugo’s job was to translate all the information from the USA production team back to the Mexican production team and make sure everyone understood all the job specifications. Working long hours and missing public transportation rides back home, Javier Hugo had to sleep inside the theater’s cold floor many times; however, that did not discourage him from doing his job as he felt his opportunity was just around the corner.


Javier Hugo also participated in many soap operas as an extra in Muchachitas and Magica Juventud and where one of his songs, “Dame Un Beso,” was used for the end of the novela. In total, two of Javier Hugo’s songs have been used in novelas in Mexico.

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Javier Hugo Valdez was born in the border town of Laredo, Texas. His artistic career began when he was just 13 years-old. While at school, he joined school musicals and played lead roles in two of those musicals, “Music Man” and “Oliver Twist.” Other than school plays, Javier Hugo joined the church choir and learned how to play guitar. His motivation for music was so strong that he sought to participate in a contest called “Valores Juveniles de Monterrey” and received recognition in Nuevo Leon in 1986.

Looking for more opportunities as an artist, Valdez settled in Mexico City in 1990 and a year later found a job as a translator for Silvia Pinal Theatre for the musical “Cats,” based on the original Broadway show with lyrics adapted to Spanish by Marco Villafán.

Javier Hugo wrote his first song at the age of 9, titled “March Of The Lions.” Despite his young age, Javier never stopped writing and, in 1987, participated in his first release as a composer in the production of The Powerband’s “Estoy Feliz” recorded at Manny Guerra Studios in San Antonio, Texas, and in 1994 with the album El Rulis with Raul Alberto from WEA Latina, where eight of his songs were included in the album.

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In 2018, Javier Hugo recorded his first English song dedicated to the 2018 World Cup soccer games in Russia. That sparked his renewed interest in the music industry, and he began planning his first album, Palomo Negro, in 2019 that was released in January 2020, followed by the single release, “Estoy Feliz”, in November 2020.

This year will bring a slight change of style with his new cumbia “Todo Me Gusta De Ti,” released on May 7.

Javier Hugo — “Todo Me Gusta De TI”
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Javier Hugo has enjoyed being an independent artist and doing his own thing without labels. He has been preparing all his life for this moment and is now committed to doing what he loves the most, which is to be a singer-songwriter.

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