Joe Bravo recuperating in hospital after emergency surgery

The legendary singer received emergency surgery over the weekend and is recovering in the hospital as he readies his final performance in November.

Joe Bravo | Photo: Bobby Villela

Music legend Joe Bravo is recuperating in the hospital after receiving emergency surgery over the weekend.


The singer gave an update on his condition via social media on Sunday. “Just wanted to let you all know my surgery went well,” he wrote. “I needed a blood transfusion like quick Friday and they wasted no time. Hopefully I can leave tomorrow. I am not out of the woods yet.”

The Latin GRAMMY winner has been in the hospital multiple times over the past few months for health issues.

“I went through a period of having problems with my kidneys,” Bravo said during a hospital stay in March. “I’ve been seeing a kidney doctor pero (but) slowly but surely it caught up to me.”

Tejano Nation will have more details on Bravo’s condition as more information is released.

The crooner is planning to retire from the music industry after entertaining fans for more than 60 years with a final show this fall in San Antonio, Texas.

“I’ve been in the damn music business since 1959,” Bravo told the Mas Chingon Radio Podcast in April. “I’ve had some good times. I’ve had a lot of people happy. I made a lot of dances. I’ve been to a lot of places that a lot of people have never been to…We’re getting ready to get the whole show together for one last show and dance with Joe Bravo.”

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The final performance is scheduled for November 6 at Randy’s Rodeo with more Tejano legends expected to make an appearance, along with headliner Little JoeAugustin RamirezSunny Ozuna, and more to be announced.

Bravo also spoke about how he felt about retiring from music. “It feels good because I get to rest now. I did my part,” he said. “I’ve recorded so many damn songs, I’ve been in and out of the studio, I’ve been on the road so many years. I mean, I loved it, porque (because) that’s my passion, making people happy. I went out there to do my thing and tried to satisfy toda la gente (all the people) and I think I did a pretty good damn job of it and I’m proud of what I did.”

The singer added it was time to slow down after recent health issues. He was admitted to the hospital a few times over the past couple of months due to kidney issues. The 76-year-old received multiple bypass heart surgery in March 2018 and recovered well enough to record a single later that year.

“El Playboy” began his career in the 1960s as lead vocalist for The Sunglows, replacing Sunny Ozuna after his departure in 1963, after having success with his own group Little Joe & the Harlems. His voice was heard on big lowrider classics like “It’s OK” and “I Apologize.” He eventually transitioned toward Chicano Rock and Tejano recording many successful albums with hit songs like “Que Casualidad” and “Patita de Conejo.”

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