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AJ Castillo explores Sin City in ‘Sedúceme’ official music video

The visual for the contagious cumbia features AJ's adventures with a beautiful woman in Las Vegas.

“Sedúceme” — AJ Castillo
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In case anyone needed convincing, Tejano accordionist and vocalist AJ Castillo is just the man to let us know that the accordion is cool, and even, sexy.


Set in Sin City, Castillo’s latest music video, “Sedúceme,” shows the charismatic performer as he falls under the spell of a beautiful woman amid the dazzling sights and sounds that only Las Vegas can offer.

Castillo produced and directed the entertaining and visually pleasing video that begins with scenes of him driving in a Bentley convertible with his shades on and the wind in his hair as he then encounters a striking woman in a hotel elevator who instantly draws his attention.

Interspersed with scenes of Castillo and his love interest as they grow closer, we see him singing passionately and playing his accordion with his black, flashy convertible and the picturesque desert as his background while the sun shines down on him.

Castillo said that he enjoyed shooting the video in Las Vegas.

“It was an incredible time,” he said. “I always love being in Las Vegas. I spend a lot of my free time in Vegas and always wanted to shoot a video there.  Due to the pandemic, it was a little difficult, but we got it done and had a great time.” 

“Sedúceme” may appear on a future EP, according to Castillo.

“Right now, it is just a single, but it might be on my upcoming EP that I plan to release later this year,” he said.  “I will also be releasing some new singles leading up to the EP.”

The song’s title is fitting as the seductive sound is driven by a fast, pulsating techno-cumbia beat that contrasts neatly with Castillo’s slow, intense lyrics as he pleads for his lover to seduce him despite knowing that tomorrow, she will be gone.

“Sedúceme” has a contagious, danceable, and live-in-the-moment feeling that flows nicely with the impressively-shot video and quick-moving story line that leads up to a climactic and surprising finale.

The video was shot on location in Las Vegas, Nevada, by Chino Chase.

Castillo is currently on tour throughout Texas and fans can keep up with him on his Facebook and Instagram pages, and keep up with his tour dates on his website. Watch his latest videos on his YouTube Channel.

The performer added that after a long year, he couldn’t wait to see his fans again.

“Thank you to all of the fans on, and the fans all over the US, and Mexico,” Castillo said.  “I’m excited to be back on the road, and I hope to be in a city near you soon!”

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