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Tejano industry mourns the loss of influential music promoter Servando Cano

The legendary music promoter died of a massive heart attack on Feb. 8.

Photo: Twitter/Serca Music Group

The Tejano industry is mourning the loss of one of the most influential music promoters, publishers, and managers in Regional Mexican music with the passing of Servando Cano on Monday (Feb. 8).


Latin Groove News reports Cano died of a massive heart attack in Monterrey, Mexico. He was 78 years old.

His career began in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, as he represented the now legendary Relámpagos Del Norte, formed by iconic superstars Ramon Ayala and Cornelio Reyna. His great success as an artist promoter and dance promoter grew so much, that he had to move to Monterrey, Nuevo León, according to the report.

Cano helped established many superstars including Los Tigres del Norte, La Mafia, Intocable, Pesado, Ramon Ayala, Cornelio Reyna, Emilio Navaira, and many more.

His career spanned almost 60 years with the formation of Serca Music Group and managing the careers of many stars over that time and he is known for bringing Tejano music to Mexico.

In a social media post, La Mafia said, “Thank you Servando for believing in us from the beginning and taking care of us as family. So many beautiful memories with all the Cano family we spent we will always be grateful. R.I.P. our condolences to the whole family.”

Intocable added in a post of their own, “Don Servando Cano Rodriguez, always grateful to you and your family thank you for so much, may you rest in peace.”

Cano will be remembered as a pioneer and legendary force in the growth of Regional Mexican music in the United States and Mexico.

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