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Veteran musician Anthony Hernandez celebrates 40-year career with Grammy-winning bands

The veteran musician's career spans four decades with playing with Grammy Award-winning bands.

Anthony Hernandez | Photo: JinaInk

San Antonio, Texas is full of the best singers, songwriters, and performers. 
Today I want to give honor to one of the best artists I’ve come across, Anthony Hernandez, a very special Happy Birthday on the 28th of January 2021. Happy Birthday Mí Vida!


Recognition is highly recommended to a gentleman whose talent is extraordinary and I want to give him more acknowledgment now that we’re celebrating around 45 years in the music business. Congratulations Anthony for an incredible journey, you deserve and a very Happy Birthday from Jina Ink Publications and Tejano News! 

This short story is about Anthony Hernandez, a prodigy.  A man who has built his legacy amongst the best Tejano musicians in the United States. Hernandez is from San Antonio, Texas born and raised, and this is one man who is still in demand even after 40 years in the business is a blessing he says.

Anthony started playing music at an early age of five years old, playing drums, and had his first recorded album at nine years of age (for the St. Frances Glee Club by sister Mary Theresa); with an all-girl choir by the age of 11 years old; Anthony starts sitting in with different bands and picking up other instruments, for example, the (Bass) for his family who formed a Conjunto band back in the day, and by the age of 14 years of age Anthony formed his own band calling it “Felix Y Los Quarto Estrellas,” and the name was only used for a couple of years and then changed the name to Grupo Monticello who performed Tejano and Variety Band) and with that band that’s when in fact went into making the two 45 RPM records.

After adapting to the road schedule, school Schedules, everything seemed to go perfect for this young and talented man from the Southside of San Antonio. 
As a teenager, he was  discovered by huge Tejano Arrtst, contracts to perform at Fiesta Texas by preformed at The San Antonio’ fiesta, and Fiesta De Los Reyes for 20 years. Majestic Theater with San Antonio’s biggest Latin Jazz artists like Judy Deleon and Henry Brun with KRTU Jazz Radio. During this time we have to remember that he’s a teenager,  some places wouldn’t allow youngsters in a Bar. 

By the time he started his own band he’s learned different instruments, he sings and is a pretty good director and his talents find him incredibly monstrous. 

Anthony Hernandez & The Crew — “Tu Pagaras”
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After playing with Grupo Monticello for a few years, one of San Antonio’s finest musicians decided to take a look at this kid and was amazed by his talents, little did he know he was asked to play for Sunny and The Sunliners. By the age of 18, Anthony Hernandez was discovered by the legendary Manny Guerra and decided to bring him into the studio and start working at AMEN Studios. Anthony Hernandez was now recording for Jimmy Edwards, Shelly Lares, Oscar G., Ricardo Castillon, and La Mafia.

Anthony Hernandez is to be discovered as one of the most talented artists in San Antonio, Texas. He’s been broadcasted on major television program networks and commercials which were added to the process.

By the age of 21, Hernandez was asked to perform for a band with a new wave, new style, and a classy atmosphere. The band was called Pure Magic which gave a Vegas Style Reputation. This led Anthony to have a professional institution that was owned and directed by Mr. Jimmy Casas.

After a few years, Anthony, just to join forces with an old-time friend Mr. Joe Revelez doing something no one has been able to duplicate, a dual keyboard team sounding like a nine-piece band, while Anthony’s playing keys, touch base and drums at the same time. Los Dudes who landed the most promising band in 1989 for the Tejano Music Awards.

Great memories with one of the top bands Anthony Hernandez joins Ram Herrera and The Outlaw Band in 1992. Anthony also arranged three albums for Ram, which took him off in the making.

But Tejano is not the only thing this phenomenal artist plays, because of his love for rhythm and blues and jazz; as well. Extraordinary and one of a kind.’

Did you know Anthony has toured even further than Tejano?

“That’s right”, Anthony was touring for The Coasters, The Platters, and The Drifters in the late ’80s.

At this time you can find Anthony in the Tejano scene with the legendary Mr. Joe Posada, whom he plays keyboards for, or when you log on to our schedules at times.

He’s been nominated for best keyboard player of the year twice for the Tejano Academy Awards in 2010, and then won best keyboard player of the year in 2010. And it doesn’t stop there; he also plays bass, drums, guitar, and accordion, along with keyboards; not to mention an incredible vocalist.

As of March 2010, Anthony had signed on with Mr. Joe Posada at Baby Dude Records and made a remarkable CD. The Cd is self-entitled Anthony Hernandez.

You can still purchase the tunes now out in stores near you. This CD is dedicated to all the outstanding Artists he’s ever worked with.

Thank all the promoters and writers for this event, and a special thanks to all the fans who keep the music alive.

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