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Cynthia Bustamante releases debut album ‘Renacer’

The singer and songwriter released her debut album on Dec. 30.

Savvy Cynthia Bustamante has released an extraordinary debut album that you are sure to love. The talented young Tejano artist portrays a graceful heartfelt sound and style that truly represents her as an artist. She is proud to announce Renacer is available to the public this year, and once these sounds enter your ears you’ll immediately experience the true pleasure of Tejano Music.


While proudly remaining inspired by the music and songs of her Mexican heritage, Bustamante has eloquently infused her own personal characteristics into this album. Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, she listened and grew fond of artists like Rocio Durcal, Jenni Rivera, and others from the Regional Mexican genre.

Throughout Bustamante’s childhood, she showed an interest in music and joined the band in her middle school where she was introduced to the clarinet. That curiosity pursued in high school where she made it a priority to have Mariachi as a class elective. Initially, Cynthia signed up to learn how to play the guitar, but to everyone’s surprise, when she was asked by her director to sing “Deep In the Heart of Texas” during class, her musical soul was unleashed! In that same week she joined and sang for the advanced class. Within those four educational years of mariachi she practiced numerous hours and memorized many songs she performed on various occasions. Her most memorable performance was for an audience of senior citizens at a field trip to a nursing home. 

After some time, she recorded and posted a cover song on Youtube that was admired by many, and recognized by producer Eric ”E-Rock” Avalos at The Music Vault. Intrigued, Avalos reached out to Bustamante and talks began about recording in the studio where her musical journey would be unveiled as a solo artist and songwriter. As a result, she was highly encouraged to record a debut album.

“When we sat down to talk about releasing an album he was on board from the get-go,” Bustamante tells Tejano Nation. “He gave it his all to make sure that this album was on point.”

“I didn’t only take an album with me but I also took with me his advice, pointers, and ideas,” she added. “I’ve learned so much from Eric since the day we met. Eric doesn’t only produce songs, no. He goes the extra mile to make sure you understand how the industry works and what steps to take.”

Being her own songwriter, she was able to beautifully express some of the authentic emotions many of us truly feel. In the songs “Tiempo Sin Mi” and “Perdoname,” she still believes regardless of the present circumstances of how her love failed, there still is hope that things could return to how it was once. 

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Another track, “Como Olvidarte,” reminisces of a love that truly touched her heart. Her lover’s face is etched in her mind, and his touch can be felt continually even after he’s gone. She’s baffled at how easy it is for him to forget the special moments they had with each other and how she can still be dominated by those memories.

“A heartbreak shouldn’t define who you are as a person,” said Bustamante. “No matter how ugly a breakup gets. I’ve been through several heartbreaks and still, the only thing that honestly keeps me sane is hope. Hope that one day I’ll fall in love again. The funny thing is nobody really knows just how much someone is hurting. We could be standing next to someone who is completely broken and we wouldn’t even know it. That is why I always stay hopeful and I always smile.”

Included on her album is a remarkable collaboration with Tejano singer Jasmin Sillero on the single “El Mismo Cuento.” The song is about being let down by a man you really had a strong connection and loyalty to. She realizes that nothing is going to make up for the heartbreak that she’s gone through, and she tells her lover to hit the road because there’s no second chance that she’s going back. 

“Eric Avalos had a brilliant idea that it would be great to turn this song into a duet. Intrigued, all I did was listen. He played the song over and over while explaining the sounds in detail,” said Bustamante. “We started sharing ideas on who would be perfect for the duet and that’s when Jasmin was mentioned. When I first heard her sing I was speechless. She is an amazing singer and I couldn’t just let her pass.”

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Her lyrics and the music combined are a great example of Tejano talent at its finest. She is such a humble, honest, and down to earth woman who is inspiring to anyone she comes in contact with. An amazing mother with a great future that has no limit. 

“My children are my number one motivation,” she said. “Most people don’t know that about me but boy do they keep me on my toes. They are my world, my everything. They are what keep me going. They push me to do better and better. I want them to understand that nothing in life is impossible if you really want it.”

Renacer from Cynthia Bustamante is available at your favorite digital music platform. If you don’t have it, get it!

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