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Jr Aldaco and the Midwest All-Stars add their own style to ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’

The Midwest-based band released a bilingural ranchera version of the holiday classic.

Jr Aldaco and the Midwest All-Stars have put their own style to a holiday classic with the release of a bilingual ranchera version of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.”


“What we decided to do as a band was to do a Christmas song this year to bring cheer to everyone’s homes and life during this difficult time of year due to the Covid and being that we can’t be with families during the holidays like normal we know it can take a toll on all of us,” said Carlos Aldaco from the Midwest All-Star.

The holiday tune was produced, arranged, mix and mastered by Daniel Aldaco, who had the idea of remaking the song recorded by Michael Buble.

“(We) put our own style of Tejano to it,” added Carlos. “So not only did we make it into a Ranchera but it was also sung in English and Spanish by father, my lead vocalist Jr Aldaco so we laid the track down and got everything going and it came out to what it is today.”

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas” has been getting a lot of radio airplay and the band has received a good response after its release.

“I’m happy with the outcome and hope it brought joy to everyone’s life and put a smile on their faces this holiday season,” added Carlos. “God willing all this covid will be over soon so we can all go back to normal life. But until then I want everyone to remain safe and healthy.”

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