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George Mercado honors service heroes with ‘Would I Do It Again’

The Tex-Mex Cowboy pays tribute to military heroes and veterans with Country track.

Gold Man Records recording artist singer and songwriter George Mercado honors service heroes with the release of the original song “Would I Do It Again,” released on Nov. 11, Veteran’s Day.


The track is produced by label owner Al Duarte with Omar Vallejo, owner of award-winning 512 Studios in Austin, Texas.

“With much pride, we stand together with our service heroes,” said a press release for the Country track. “Sometimes life’s struggles and hard times with the nation’s changes and real moments, misplace our true heroes. Asking the question ‘Would I do it again? Count me in, here I am’. Mercado captures your heart with a life story honoring our nation’s true heroes and our proud legacy of supporting our country and troops.”

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Recording musicians for “Would I Do It Again,” include Mercado on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Mike Sevilla on lead guitar, Raul Hernadez on bass and acoustic guitar, fiddler Greg McClendon, drummer Robert Espinosa, and keyboardist John Garza.

“Would I Do It Again” from the “Tex-Mex Cowboy” George Mercado is available to stream and download here.

Learn more about George Mercado at his official website

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