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Miguel Hernandez releases ‘Homenaje’ to legendary band La Sombra

One of the most influential bands in Tejano music gets a tribute medley featuring classic hits.

Legendary band La Sombra is one of the most influential bands in Tejano music and the “Windy City Boys” have received a tribute from Miguel Hernandez.


The singer, songwriter, producer, and musician released “Homenaje (A Tribute to La Sombra)”, a medley of four memorable hits from the band, including “Prieta”, “Mañana”, “A Poco No,” and “Mi Guerita Coca-Cola”.

“This is an idea I’ve had for a while and it finally came to light,” Hernandez tells Tejano Nation. “La Sombra was a big influence in me starting my Tejano career. There are some great songs, great performances, great arrangements and I didn’t want to touch any of the arrangements at all I just wanted to record them as is and do what I set out to do and that was to pay tribute, to pay homage to La Sombra. Just thank them for influencing me at such a young age.”

This medley of songs although nostalgic does have a current and classic vibe with some new nuances thrown in. “Homenaje” will take you back, get you moving and singing in your seat while appreciating the reproduction of these classics. The medley features top-notch Tejano musicians including Rey Talamantez on trumpet and saxophone, accordionist Percy Cardona, drummer Aaron Holler, and Hernandez showcased his musical talents on bass, bajo quinto, guitar, keyboards, and of course vocals.

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La Sombra was founded by brothers, Tony and Gavino Guerrero. Originally from the Chicago suburb of Aurora, Illinois, the group gained national acclaim and success after moving to Corpus Christi, Texas, releasing over twenty full-length studio albums featuring songs in both Spanish and English.

La Sombra has been credited with influencing the Tejano and cumbia music fields in terms of musical style, dress, and concert performances as well as a generation of newer artists.

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