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Divino lead vocalist Andrea Michelle releases solo single ‘Las Cuentas Claras’

The New Mexico singer released her solo debut single with plans for a full album in early 2021.

Andrea Michelle, the lead vocalist for New Mexico-based band Divino, has released her solo debut single “Las Cuentas Claras.”


The track, originally recorded by Mexican singer Chelo in 1978, is the perfect song to begin Andrea Michelle’s solo music career, who had put it on hold at a young age for marriage and a family.

“I feel that through time I have built on experience, which helps me as an artist to express a song and a message on a level that I hope speaks through the songs,” Andrea Michelle tells “I understand heartache, love, and struggles. My goal hopefully is to create something that also reaches into the soul and speaks to the listener. Perhaps a story which they can find joy, or identify with as well. I would also like to be an example especially for a woman that age should not keep anyone from pursuing their goals and dreams. I feel I have definitely been able to experience the best of both worlds!”

The singer shared details on why she decided to record “Las Cuentas Claras” saying, “The song struck me for two reasons, one, because after years of working with victims of Domestic Violence, I realized how many women fail to find their voice in a relationship. And two, Chelo would be one of the many women I listened to as a young girl and admired because of her beautiful display and her strong messages. Her along with artists like Chavela Vargas, Lola Betran, and Yolanda del Rio were dynamic strong woman singing about love, life, passion, and heartache.”

Andream Michelle is in the process of recording exciting solo projects and collaborations with a full album expected be released by early 2021, but the singer is still performing with Divino.

“There are so many projects that we have been working on including a CD released in August of this year,” she said. “I am currently in the studio working on new songs as well.”

Before the current global pandemic, Andrea Michelle signed to a management company and she is planning to launch a website including a Vibe New Mexico podcast and YouTube channel where she will be working with many different artists.

“Although COVID has slowed down and even stopped many venues there is still so many exciting things happening,” she said. “I  look forward to meeting new people and doing anything I can.”

Andrea Michelle — “Las Cuentas Claras”
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