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‘Por Un Beso’ focuses on relationship origin of Aisha and her husband

The latest single from the Tejano Music Awards nominee is 'a love story' and 'drinking song.'

Aisha is a rising star in Tejano music. After beginning her career as a backup vocalist for some of Tejano’s top singers, the talented singer released her solo debut album, Mi Vida En Cancion, in 2018, featuring many hit songs and received a Best New Female nomination a the 2019 Tejano Music Awards.


Now, the San Antonio vocalist has released a new single, “Por Un Beso.”

“The song is a little bit different than what I’ve normally done. I’m really excited about it and it’s doing very well,” Aisha tells Tejano Nation about her latest release.

“It’s a love story but it’s also a drinking song at the same time,” she laughed.

The track was produced by Gabriel Zavala and written by Aisha’s husband Max Aparicio, who also penned her previous single “No Te Preocupes.”

“They kind of both put their heads together and, you know, a little bit from Gabe a little bit from Max,” she said. “It’s a story of about our love life. How we met and with one kiss everything changed.”

“That’s where I got the idea to do my graphic in a romance novel like picture theme,” she added.

“Por Un Beso” will be part of Aisha’s upcoming sophomore album that she plans to release before the end of the year. She also plans to release a song for the holidays and has a few collaborative projects in the works.

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