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Stripes Stores Release Final Two Limited-Edition Selena Cups, upcoming Slurpee flavor

After COVID-19 delay, Selena fans can complete four-cup set commemorating 25 years, with

IRVING, Texas (Sept. 21, 2020) – Finally … they’re here! Stripes stores have released the final two 2020 Selena cups in the four-cup limited-edition series commemorating the 25-year music legacy of the beloved “Queen of Cumbia.”  The new cups are now available for purchase at participating Stripes stores.


Selena fans will be able to purchase the final two cup designs, limit six per person, while supplies last at participating Stripes stores. Customers are encouraged to review the Selena cup FAQs regarding the release and sale of the cups at

The Stripes team worked with Selena’s sister and CEO of Q-Productions, Suzette Quintanilla, to design the 2020 collection of the music legend and a special Slurpee drink flavor created from Selena’s favorite childhood flavors – sour cherry, lime, and salt. The limited-edition flavor is featured in Selena’s signature purple color.

“I am excited that Stripes and our family can finally share the final two 2020 Selena Cups in the 25th Year Collection with her fans,” Quintanilla said. “These commemorative cups represent Selena’s legacy that continues to inspire all who love her.”

The much-anticipated collectible cups feature iconic looks and photographs of Selena, one of the most celebrated Mexican American entertainers of all time. The first two limited-edition collectible cups — “Selena Legend” and “Selena Painting” – were released in February, but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the release of the remaining two cups.

Each new cup has a unique design, with one wrapped in a collage of Selena’s most memorable looks. Named “Selena Collage,” the cup has a red flip-lid. The “Selena XXV” cup is the final of the four and has a metallic finish with Selena’s logo in platinum and a platinum lid. Each cup from the 2020 collection honors Selena’s legacy. 

Stripes released a video this morning on Facebook, revealing the final two 2020 designs with 360-degree views of each cup. The cups are also available through the FAVOR delivery app at participating Stripes stores. For updates and information on the sale of the Selena cups at Stripes, visit the Stripes Facebook page. The official hashtag is #SelenaStripesCup. 

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Stripes stores announced a limited-time special Slurpee flavor on its websiteThis Friday, participating Stripes stores will promote the Selena-themed Slurpee drink for 25 hours and will offer Selena fans a size small Slurpee drink for only 25 cents for 25 hours. The 25-hour promotion begins Sept. 25, at 7 a.m. and ends Saturday, Sept. 26, at 8 a.m., or while supplies last.

“We have worked closely with Selena’s family over the years to collaborate on our commemorative cups,” said Senior Vice President Brad Williams, of 7-Eleven (Stripes Stores). “To celebrate 25 years of  Selena’s legacy, we wanted to honor her fans with this special cup collection, and treat our customers and her fans with a Selena-themed Slurpee drink that will be exclusive to Stripes stores.”

Suzette Quintanilla visited the Houston facility that develops Slurpee drink flavors and worked with developers to ensure the taste and color of the new Selena Slurpee drink represented memories of their childhood.

“Selena loved cherry-flavored drink packets mixed with salt growing up,” Quintanilla said. “She would create her own packets and would sell them to friends at school for 10 cents. She enjoyed the sour and salty taste the combination created and adding lime to this made the perfect combination for this special Slurpee drink. I have such great memories of us riding our bikes after school to get Slurpee drinks, so being able to create a Selena-inspired Slurpee drink for just 25 cents is our way to say ‘Thank You’ to all her fans that are remembering her with so much love.”

Customers are encouraged to social distance and adhere to all CDC and local government guidelines while shopping at Stripes stores. 

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