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Get up close and virtual with Frankie J on July 31

The crooner will perform his biggest hits and songs from his new album during a virtual concert on Friday, July 31.

Frankie J fans will be able to hear all of the crooner’s hits from the past and the latest from his new album, Canciones Que Recuerdo, during his first virtual, unplugged concert at 7 pm (PST)/9 pm (CST) this Friday (July 31).


The show streams to the world via the Sessions Live platform, which requires users to download the Sessions Live app. The first 100 fans will gain free admission, which at the time of this post had already been filled, but not to worry. Fans can still enjoy the show for a nominal fee of $2.99. For tickets, visit:

“My very first virtual, unplugged concert will happen July 31,” Frankie J told Tejano Nation. “Basically, it’s a company called Sessions Live that is doing these kinds of shows with a lot of the major artists and because of the COVID-19 situation that we’re in, we can’t really travel to do concerts in front of physical fans, you know, so what we’re doing is these virtual shows.”

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The virtual concert, which is a new experience for the longtime performer, will feature Frankie J acoustic style, on piano, and backed by guitar, as the GRAMMY nominee sings his fan favorites and newly-released singles from his album of Mexican standards, Canciones Que Recuerdo.

“It’s going to be a very different thing for me because I love performing in front of fans,” Frankie J said. “But in this case, it’s going to take place at a studio that I rented where I’m doing basically all the hits.”

Expect to hear hit songs including, “Obsesion (No Es Amor),” “Don’t Wanna Try,” “More Than Words,” and “Daddy’s Little Girl,” along with classics from “Canciones Que Recuerdo,” such as “Sabor a Mi,” “La Farsante,” “El Rey,” and “Amor Eterno.”

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“It’s going to be fun at the same time, because I’m going to be with my colleagues, you know, a couple of the musicians that I tour with, but it’s going to be very different at the same time,” Frankie J said.

The versatile performer has promoted the concert this week via his social media platforms and on his Instagram, Frankie J talked to his fans about the concert and how he has prepared for the unprecedented event.

“I’m going to be singing all of my hits on piano and acoustic guitar,” Frankie J said via Instagram. “This is my first time doing anything like this. This is literally a virtual concert – a virtual, acoustic, unplugged concert.”

Frankie J continued: “We’ve been rehearsing, my band, well partial of my band and I. And we’ve been really, really trying to follow through because I want to give you guys, I want to leave my heart on the floor with you guys. It’s a very special gather for myself and my guys. It’s going to be a really special show.”

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