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Marisela Hernandez shares love story with ‘Quién Iba a Pensar’ single and music video

The former Mazz backup vocalist shares the story of how she met her husband with new single and video.

Marisela Hernandez shares part of her life story with the release of a new single and official music video for “Quién Iba a Pensar.”


The former backup vocalist for Grupo Mazz teamed with legendary songwriter Humberto “Beto” Ramon and award-winning producer and internationally famous music producer, Hugo Guerrero, producer of many hits and well known for the hit “La Charanga”.

A conversation between Hernandez and Ramon about the story of how she met her husband became a song penned by the composer.

“This song is literally a song about my life,” Hernandez tells Tejano Nation. “I wish that I could say that my husband and I had one of those love at first sight type of romances, that is not the case.”

“He tried to pursue me for five years and I was just not interested and then all of sudden it was divine intervention,” she added. “I started to see him differently and got to know him. I fell in love with his person, his soul, and his heart.”

Marisela and her husband, award-winning drummer Johnny Hernandez, eventually married and had a daughter.

The visual for “Quién Iba a Pensar” was filmed by Lupe Moya and LM Media Solutions on the beaches of South Padre Island and features the family of Marisela, including a scene of her husband and daughter playing the drums.

“I was so blessed to be able to include them in this project because the song is about them,” said Marisela.

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The talented songstress is currently working on her debut solo album with plans to release it before the end of 2020.

Marisela also co-hosts a weekly live-streamed talk show with Chris Rodriguez of Tejano Highway 281 every Wednesday night at The Chris & Marisela Show Facebook page about current issues involving the Tejano music industry from the current COVID-19 pandemic to receiving radio airplay and more.

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