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Grupo Inevitable debuts ‘Tiempo’ single and music video

The group released their debut single and official music video.

In high school football the term “Friday Night Lights” is everything. It’s an evening filled with family and friends coming together to cheer on their favorite team. As players on the field ignite their passion for the love of the game. Enhancing that experience is the music as each marching band battles it out with their school spirit melodies. Timeless traditions from generation to generation.


The Mighty Lion High School Band from La Féria, Texas, under the direction of Mr. Eddie Benitez and his staff, had their own, “Las Nubes,” a rendition of the iconic song from Little Joe Y La Familia. It was so well received and it became a staple song for the school and it kept its tune for many years.

Until the tradition became even more of a tradition when band member Josue Garcia asked if he could bring his accordion and add it to the presentation of the song. What happened next was history as the high school band brought it all together creating an internet frenzy that led to a viral video of their performance.

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Eventually, with the help of John Ontiveros, co-founder of La 45, Garcia was able to perform with Little Joe Y La Familia at a couple of events. His musical journey continued along with fellow Mighty Lion Band member Jose Maria Garcia. The two met Kumbia Kings and Kingz1 alum Daniel Perez Garcia, better known as “El Chapulin,” at a local concert.

Several months later along with childhood friend Isai Nava and Josue’s brother Benito Garcia, the group Inevitable was created. The group was later joined by jazz drummer Dan Arizmendi, bringing together an ensemble of talent.

The group was signed by Sur Valle Records of McAllen, Texas, where executive producer Gabriel “Filemon“ Ramirez of La Onda and Grupo Control, along with brothers Miguel Angel Ramirez and Alex Ramirez, began production of the group’s debut project.

The first single is titled “Tiempo”, written by Joss Favela, who has composed music for Intocable and many other artists. The single is available for purchase download on all digital platforms and can also be streamed on Spotify. The official video was recently released and we present it here for your viewing experience.

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I love the sound and the uniqueness of the collaboration of talent this group has. The incorporation of the violin to the track is a nice touch. I wish you all continued success. -Support The Artist-

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  1. Johnny O. Limon

    Great! Love seeing our young people continuing our Cultura!


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