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Jerry Alvarez starts solo career with ‘Te Vuelves Loca’ single and music video

The singer, songwriter and lead vocalist of Los Gallitos has released his solo debut single.

Longtime singer/songwriter Gerardo “Jerry” Alvarez officially launched his solo career this week with the single and video release of the catchy Tejano/Norteño/Country fusion, “Te Vuelves Loca.”


For years, Alvarez has written for top Tejano and Regional Mexican artists from Los Palominos, Solido, Elida Reyna, Banda El Recodo and more, with his songs appearing on several Latin GRAMMY-winning and nominated albums. From 1999 to 2017, Alvarez was the lead singer for Los Gallitos and was nominated for a Latin GRAMMY for Best Tejano Album in 2016.

In an exclusive interview with Tejano Nation, Alvarez said the major step into a solo career has him feeling a mix of emotions.

“I’m happy, excited, but nervous for embarking on a new venture,” he said. “I was so used to being in a group. I first started in a band at the age of 15.”

But with his family’s encouragement that he share his songs directly with the world, Alvarez felt supported to record the songs that he felt were meant for him to sing.

“As a songwriter, I have a good collection of songs that nobody has heard or recorded because I don’t think they fit anybody so I don’t send them out,” said Alvarez. “I would sing these songs at home and always had great compliments from my family… A lot of support from home has brought me to this point and encouraged me to to show the world songs that I feel have a lot of heart and are unique.”

The first release, “Te Vuelves Loca,” features a catchy chorus and Alvarez’ vocals skillfully handle the song’s Tejano/Norteño and Country sound. The video, directed by Ryan Bazan, is funny and entertaining, showing off Alvarez’ acting talent. The video’s storyline depicts Alvarez’ character at a carnival where he sneakily spends time with each member of a trio of friends who all succumb to his charms.

Alvarez said he and co-writers penned the songs that will be featured on the upcoming solo album. “Te Vuelves Loca” was written by Alvarez and Miguel A. Lopez.  The album’s sound will feature a diverse range of musical genres.

“The music in this album will be a fusion of different styles of music merged together,” he said. “You can call it a Tejano, Country, Rockabilly, Reggaeton, Norteño sound!  I just call it good music!”

Listeners can look forward to the album’s release for more songs that Alvarez carefully selected for his solo debut.

“I have always said, ‘Every song finds its home,’ and I believe these songs are meant for me to sing,” Alvarez said.

Jerry Alvarez — “Te Vuelves Loca” (Video Oficial)

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