DJ Kane undergoing major surgery, says ‘health is very important’

The Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame singer has been dealing with health issues since March.

DJ Kane performs at 2019 Tejano Music Awards in San Antonio, Texas on Nov. 16, 2019. | Photo: Mariaelena Arocha

DJ Kane is undergoing major surgery, that’s according to a message he shared via social media early Tuesday morning.


The crooner shared a photo of himself in a hospital gown wearing his signature shades with the caption, “Prolly the coolest guy in the hospital. Hehe …..well…my final surgery…coming sooner than I thought…then I will share my journey that I overcame that I have not shared with you guys yet…well it’s not over yet…I have one more major surgery.”

DJ Kane added a message for fans to take care of their health, “My people’s please take care of yourselves your health is very important as you get older it catches up to you. I’m learning it the hard way.”

The former Kumbia Kings lead vocalist was hospitalized back in March after suffering severe abdominal pain. He revealed a diagnosis of diverticulitis, the infection or inflammation of pouches that can form in your intestines.

“It’s severe pain that comes in thru your intestines,” DJ Kane said in March. “They said I’m gonna have to get surgery by a GI doctor, which will be this week.”

The Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame singer recently performed at the 2019 Tejano Music Awards in San Antonio, Texas, on Nov. 16, and was also awarded Collaboration of the Year for “Sol, Arena, Ron y Mas” with Stefani Montiel and Gabriel Zavala.

Tejano Nation will have details on DJ Kane’s surgery and recovery as more information becomes available.

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