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Los Palominos latest release, ‘Corazón Aventurero,’ pulls at heartstrings [AUDIO]

The GRAMMY-winning group deliver a heart-felt ranchera for their latest single.

Known for their hypnotic vocal harmonies, GRAMMY-winning Tejano group Los Palominos deliver this and much more with, “Corazón Aventurero,” a mid-tempo ranchera and the latest release off of their newest effort, “Con La Fuerza De Un Huracán.”


Award-winning songwriter Juan Treviño shines with his lovelorn lyrics that express the longings of a heart once-wronged and which has now closed itself off from ever loving again.

The Arreola brothers vocalize beautifully these dark but universal feelings of the brokenhearted who not only feel lonely but even jealous of the love that seems to exist all around them.

Here’s a sample of an especially poignant verse: “Busco a otro corazón por que el mio ya no creo en el amor. Y mi triste realidad, es que vivo en soledad.”

Treviño writes passionate lyrics about heartache and a heart in search of love that will trigger your emotions whether you’re in love or out of it. Los Palominos express these feelings in the romantic style for which they have become known and adored by fans in the U.S. and Mexico.

Turn up the volume, listen closely and keep some tissues handy for this latest single, “Corazón Aventurero,” from Los Palominos’ release “Con La Fuerza De Un Huracán.”

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Los Palominos — “Corazón Aventurero”

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