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Anjelique releases powerful ‘Amen’ video

The singer released a powerful visual for the ranchera from her 'Proposito' album.


Tejano singer/songwriter Anjelique released the video for her powerful ranchera, “Amen,” this week.


The original song is written by Estevan Cerda from her latest album, “Proposito,” released in July of 2018.  The video was directed by Ryan Bazan.

The visual features the striking, dark-haired vocalist in various sites including the inside of an empty church as she wears a long, flowing floral dress and kneels, praying with a rosary clasped in her hand; as she stands in a balcony in front of a stained-glass window, and then, standing in the aisle of the empty pews of the church with the altar behind her, singing with outstretched hands.

Anjelique is also featured dressed in black, backed by her band in a sunlit courtyard surrounded by various foliage and trees. The singer sits with her band as they talk at a dining room table beneath a glass chandelier and is again accompanied by her band as they perform in a field with three crosses standing as a powerful symbol behind them.

Anjelique’s strong, beautiful vocals sing in prayer and praise to God to help the world and her voice rings out with genuine emotion.

The video even references the recent El Paso mass shooting of Aug. 3, 2019, that left 22 victims in its wake. As Anjelique walks into a living room, scenes flash on a nearby television from a national channel as it announces the breaking news of the tragic event.

The video for “Amen” is a beautifully-directed and expertly-designed experience, and Anjelique’s passionate vocal display delivers a strong message of hope.

Anjelique & The Sweet City Band — “Amen”

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