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Abraham Quintanilla lawsuit against Chris Perez to receive new judge

A lawsuit over the use of late Tejano star Selena's image has been delayed so the case could be assigned to another judge.

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A lawsuit over the use of late Tejano star Selena’s image has been delayed so the case could be assigned to another judge.

District court judge Carlos Valdez will not hear the lawsuit involving members of Selena’s family. Her father, Abraham Quintanilla, is suing her widower Chris Perez claiming he didn’t have the right to use Selena’s image for a book he published and for a tv series he was producing based on that book, To Selena, With Love.

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In the lawsuit filed in December 2016, Quintanilla asked for $1 million plus attorney’s fees. He claims Perez violated a contract he signed that gave the Quintanilla family the trademark and copyright rights of Selena’s name, voice, signature, photograph or likeness.

The hearing was supposed to get underway on Monday but has been delayed. Hector Canales, the attorney representing the production company Endemol Latino, said he was planning to file a motion to have Valdez removed the case.

Judge Valdez was the lead prosecutor for the trial involving Selena’s killer Yolanda Saldivar in 1995. He has known the Quintanilla family for over 25 years.

The case will now be assigned to another judge within two days with the next hearing in the case scheduled for May 6.

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Source: New judge to be assigned to lawsuit over use of Selena’s image

12 comments on “Abraham Quintanilla lawsuit against Chris Perez to receive new judge

  1. Emily Banda

    Abraham is a disgusting man.and money hungry too.she was married to Chris Perez you don’t know that part of her life.you say your netflix will show the real Selena.but that is not true. you cannot show the life she had with chris in their little worls.he has more rights than you.but of course you want to make as much money off her as you can.poor old man and you say you believe in god.i know he wouldn’t want for you to do this to her husband.shame on you old fart.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg Mr Q get over yourself already. Selena is gone and you STILL wanna make that money off her. You are a nobody without her name. I hope that Chris can use any and all info on his late wife. You my dear Mr Q should be ashamed of yourself making money off her while she is gone. What a laughing stock. May God have mercy on ur black selfish soul.
    #GetHimChis #SelenaNeedsRestingTime

    Liked by 1 person

  3. oschott1gmailcom

    Gee wis Abraham is really money hungry. Selena was Chris’s wife ,she must be turning in her grave. She loved Chris, the family should just let him bE.He let them have everything,so what is alittle money.Ab has enough.Dont let Abraham win Chris

    Liked by 1 person

  4. soniaaponte85

    That’s some BS!!! That’s her husband she was truly in love. Why would you take away his right. 1 million dollar shows enough that your money hungry. It always be about money sadly. The most pityful thing you can do.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Debra A. Garcia

    Let it go already! Chris has every right to keep his wifes memory alive as much as her father has. Why try to take that away from chris? Selena would be here if she had gotten a blood transfusion!! But because of religious beliefs,that’s on the parents.Leave chris alone already!! Let him live out the dearest thing to his life!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Really miss talking to you is this what your daughter Selena would want give me a break already. this means any photos that her then-husband Chris took a Selena with his camera telephone he would never be allowed to use man what are you people going to stop haven’t you reaped enough benefits. Lay off the guy she loved him she loved him that should be enough for you she would never have stood for what you’re doing had she been here today

    Liked by 1 person

  7. And Chris loved Selena he still loves Selena she changed his life in a positive way can’t you be proud of her for that and proud that he loved your daughter right back so many of us moms pray that our daughters find someone who value them who love them and he did Mr Quintanilla


  8. Maryj Zendejas

    Wow…may God protect Chris Perez…and forgive Abraham for who he is …(he’s always been out for his daughters money)…

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Silver Arena

    Selena must be crying in heaven. What right did you have to ask him to sign away his rights as a husband anyway? How would you feel if you couldn’t use your wife’s images? Such an ugly, greedy, sick thing to do to your beautiful daughter’s husband that she ran away with because of you! When are you going to start using your heart instead of your head. Leave Selena in peace. She belongs to everyone. Not just you. If anything happens to Chris the whole world will know it was you.


  10. xochbela2018

    Chris was her husband, get over it! Dang it! Selena is probably turning over in her grave! Mr Q you’re so money hungry! Should of given her the blood transfusion she need to be alive today!


  11. coleysistergmailcom

    Why has there never been mention that Abraham had Chris sign away his rights under distress. The man had just loss is wife in a brutal shooting from a lunatic. Selena’s body wasn’t even cold in the ground when Abraham took advantage of Chris’s emotional state of mine.


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