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Jay Perez and wife record Christian duet for his upcoming album

ay Perez is set to release his 25th-anniversary album soon and it will include a very special duet with his wife Roxy P.

Jay Perez and wife Roxy at Univision Fan Fair 2019 in San Antonio, Texas.
Photo: Thomas Vasquez/Tommy Gunz Photography

Jay Perez is set to release his 25th-anniversary album soon and it will include a very special duet with his wife Roxy P.

It’s a Christan song titled “Let Them See You” and it’s not often the crooner records songs of praise and worship.

“It’s rare that I sing for the Lord. I pray to Him every day,” Jay said in an interview with Javier Galvan on his syndicated La Fe Cafe radio show. “Our fans are not used to that. I’m a Tejano artist, that’s what I’ve been doing the past 25 plus years, pero to come in and record something just for Him, you talk about glorified, overwhelmed with a feeling I’ve never felt before.”

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The song showcases the foundation of the couple’s relationship.

“I’m blessed for the relationship we have, the husband-wife thing we have going, but to be able to record with somebody of his caliber is just a huge blessing,” Roxy said. “It’s a song that shares the foundation of our relationship, which is Jesus, and that binds us together, which is very important to us. It’s just a beautiful thing and to be able to worship in a song with my husband I think is a huge privilege.”

Roxy is a singer, songwriter and former “Tejano Country” television host. She began singing at a young age and was very involved in her local church. It was a huge influence at the beginning of her career and encouraged her to use her talent to serve the Lord.

“Every Christian song has a message and it’s how you deliver that message,” Jay said. “This song here was the one that actually stood out. I think that this song speaks for itself and when I said ‘You know what? I’m going to ask Roxy if she wants to do this song with me.’ I just have to find a way to put her in there and make this song work for us and for our fans.”

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“Let Them See You” will be included on Jay’s upcoming album celebrating his over 25 years as a solo artist in the Tejano music industry. It’s scheduled to be released in April.

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