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Frankie Caballero Jr releases new album ‘Te Quiero’

Frankie Caballero Jr has released his sophomore album 'Te Quiero'.

Frankie Caballero Jr has released his sophomore album Te Quiero.

Francisco Caballero, Jr. was born on April 13, 1981, in Weslaco, Texas and was raised in the small city of Donna, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley.

Growing up around the music industry Frankie was introduced to Tejano music by his father Frankie Caballero, Sr a.k.a. ” The Accordion Abuser”. Traveling with his father around Texas with countless artist such as Los Chachos, Grupo Mazz, Bobby Pulido, Jay Perez, etc. encouraged Frankie Jr. to later on in life follow his dream in becoming an artist himself forming his own band in 2009.

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Frankie Jr. y Grupo Caballero started performing in local bars in his hometown of Donna, which lead to more recognition in surrounding cities as a popular local band.

In 2010, he released his first single entitled “Perdoname” which was a hit in the RGV, Corpus Christi and internet radio across the country.

Then in 2011, releasing his second single entitled “Recordando Los Chachos”, a tribute to famous ’70s, ’80s band Los Chachos de Chacha Jimenez, was another instant hit!

His album entitled Perdoname was a success that led him to two nominations as Best New Male Artist and Best New Group at the 34th Annual Tejano Music Awards in 2014.

Recently signed to the VMB Music Group in 2015 out of San Antonio, Tx. and with four new singles on the radio including “Pecador”, “Como Te Quiero” featuring David Marez, “El Munda Va Extrañarte,” a tribute to late Tejano icon Jimmy Gonzalez, and his latest single “Te Quiero,” released January.

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His band consists of close friends and musicians based out of the Rio Grande Valley. Frankie is the lead vocalist with accordionist George Ochoa, lead guitarist Matt Flores, bass guitarist Victor Campa, keyboardist Gasper Martinez, and drummer Roland Molina.

The album was recorded in San Antonio at the studio of 14-time Grammy winner Gilbert Velasquez studio and New Barrio studios in the valley.

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WATCH: Frankie Caballero Jr – “Te Quiero” (Official Video)

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