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‘El Mundo Va Extrañarte’ collaboration pays tribute to late Jimmy Gonzalez [AUDIO]

A collaboration released this week featuring many talented singers and musicians, “El Mundo Va Extrañarte,” pays tribute to late Tejano icon Jimmy Gonzalez.

Frankie Caballero Jr. wanted to pay tribute to Gonzalez, who passed away on June 6, and he turned to longtime Mazz songwriter Beto Ramon to pen this tribute.

“I got with Beto and I said, ‘You know what I have an idea’,” Caballero told Super Tejano 102.1 radio host Bonnie Hernandez. “I want you to write a song for me. You don’t need me to tell you Jimmy’s story, you’ve been working with Jimmy since before I was born…You know what to write. Don’t ask me, just write. He calls me the next day, ‘Are you ready to listen to it?’, I said ‘Ya?’ He sent it to me, I was blown away.”

The collaboration features a group of talented singers, including former Mazz backup vocalist Cristina Salinas, David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales lead vocalist Cezar Martinez, Lisa Mar of LaDezz, Sarah Monique and Ricky Guzman III, to pay homage to the legendary Gonzalez.

“We just all collaborated and tried to do the best we could to try and make it, like a Jimmy Gonzalez song,” said Salinas, “He taught us, the younger generation, the younger crowd that still wants to keep going with the old school Tejano tradition. That’s our culture.”

The collaboration also features amazing musicians, including Caballero’s father Frankie Caballero on accordion. Mazz members Jay Alaniz on guitar and bass and Cris Perales on keyboards, who also arranged the amazing song.

Gonzalez was a pioneer, a legend and multiple Grammy award winner. He co-founded Grupo Mazz in 1978 and went on to achieve international acclaim as one of the most successful Tejano groups ever.

“El Mundo Va Extrañarte” is available now at most digital music platforms.

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LISTEN: “El Mundo Va Extrañarte” — Frankie Caballero Jr. Y Amigos

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