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Stephanie Lynn drug charges dismissed by judge

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Drug charges against Stephanie Lynn have been dismissed by a judge, according to a video shared by the singer via Facebook on Tuesday afternoon from a Kerr County, Texas courtroom.

“Of course everybody knows what happened and it was very hard to deal with, because there’s other people involved and there’s families involved, and there’s a whole community involved,” Stephanie Lynn said in the video. “I didn’t have any intention of getting myself in trouble, especially when a lot of people look up to me and I’m not saying I’m a perfect person…I just want to say that my charges are dismissed. I’m free!”

Stephanie Lynn, whose legal name is Stephanie Lynn Garcia, was arrested in April after drugs were found during a traffic stop in Kerrville, Texas.  Jail records state she was booked on two counts of dangerous drugs possession and one count of a controlled substance under one gram. The dangerous drugs were prescription medication that were later found to belong to another occupant in the vehicle during the traffic stop.

The charges were dismissed do to lack of evidence, according to her attorney David Parent.

“Both of her cases were dismissed today,” he said. “She’s walking out of the courthouse, she doesn’t have anything following her….I want to give props to the prosecutor, they looked at the case and realized that there was not enough evidence to support any one of those charges.”

The Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame singer added she can now focus on creating new music, “Now that I have no charges,  I am kaput, zero, I am free, I am dismissed. Now, we’re going to go ahead and kick some ass and we’re going to make some (expletive) Tejano music!”

She plans on working with producer Mario Vigil, Jorge Alejandro and her brother Rick for a new album.

Stephanie Lynn began her career as a teenager with her brothers as Stephanie Lynn and High Energy.  In 1993, she was signed to the EMI Latin record label and released her debut album, Solo Ojos Para Ti, with the title track reaching No. 32 on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks in late 1994.

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