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Elida Reyna and Lalo Reyna give details on highly-anticipated new album ‘Colores’

Elida Reyna and Lalo Reyna III gave details about the highly-anticipated new album from Elida Reyna Y AvanteColores, due out in November.

EYA bandleader and producer Lalo Reyna III explained the album’s title saying, “If you think of an Elida record in colors, reds, blues and greens. We tried to give a different shade of red, a different shade of blue, a different shade of green, and by doing that it can be as simple as different effects on the bajo sexto, different effects on the accordion, different songwriters…it’s still an Elida record, just a different shade.”

The album already boasts a hit song with the lead single “Suavecito” and is scheduled to be released on November 16, 2018 from Freddie Records.

“Freddie Records has always given us the flexibility, the opportunity to create on a blank canvas,” Reyna added. “Sort of create the painting, or image of music that we want…It’s something we love to do and we like to continue to push our music and the best way that we can.”

“I had a blast recording this album, Colores, we’re excited to share it with the world,” said Elida Reyna. “I look forward to continuing to bring out the best music that we can for you.”

Colores will be available for all digital music platforms on November 16, 2018.

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