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Richard Rosales gives details on upcoming Siggno album [VIDEO]

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Richard Rosales gave fans details on the highly-anticipated new album from Siggno during a Facebook video posted on Tuesday.

The bajo sexto player for Siggno showed computer folders that hold music files for the new album in the video and it will be an album worth the wait for fans.

“This album has been very interesting,” he said. “We’ve been recording it for about the past year and a half. I know we hadn’t had an album in quite a long time, but to me it’s well worth the wait. We got to take our time recording this album.”

This is the first album for Siggno since the release of the hugely successful Yo Te Esperaré in July 2016.

“We recorded the songs at different moments in our life, different emotions went into it, and therefore the sound is different too,” Rosales added. “I think that’s what makes this album so real. It gives it character in every song.”

The album files were sent off to Siggno frontman Jesse Turner and we’ll have to wait just a little longer to get a new album from Siggno.

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WATCH: Richard Rosales talks upcoming Siggno album




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