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Tejano legend Gibby Escobedo honored by State of Texas for career accomplishments

The legendary musician was honored for "his vision that has kept the Tejano music industry at the forefront."

Gilbert ‘Gibby’ Escobedo | Courtesy photo

Tejano music legend Gilbert “Gibby” Escobedo was honored by the State of Texas for his career accomplishments and his vital influence on the Texas music scene.


Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott, along with the Texas Music Division, honored Escobedo by flying a Texas Flag in his name over the Texas State Capitol building in Austin, Texas on Tuesday. This tribute was presented to Escobedo for his vital influence on Tejano music and the Texas music scene for a career that has spanned over five decades.

“It is due to his dedication as an accomplished saxophonist and his vision that has kept the Tejano music industry at the forefront and helped make San Antonio the capital of Tejano music,” said Gov. Abbot in a press release.

Escobedo is known in the Tejano music industry as the master mind, along with Rudy R. Trevino, who put Tejano music on the map creating the Tejano Music Awards in the early 1980s, along with numerous other music industry shows and events.

He has always had a passion for the big band brass sound and along with Rudy Guerra formed legendary Latin Breed. His genius helped to launch careers for many famed artists such as Jay Perez, Adalberto Gallegos and the incomparable Jimmy Edward.

Escobedo has had the honor of playing with some of the industries greatest bands, including the Del Reys, Sunny and the Sunliners, and Jay Perez, to name a few.  Never having lost the passion for music he has continued his journey playing with other countless bands and showcasing the horn section sound that still thrills today.

The legendary musician was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and suffers from other medical issues that currently keep him from performing on stage and in the studio. A benefit concert to help with medical expenses is scheduled for Friday, August 30 at Pueblo Hall, located at 3315 Northwestern in San Antonio, Texas, featuring many Tejano stars, including Jay Perez, Ram Herrera, David Marez, Sunny Ozuna, Joe Posada and La Dezz.

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