Autopsy reveals no foul play in death of singer and actress Margaret Garza

The 31-year-old singer and actress died of natural causes, according to the autopsy report.

Margaret Garza

An autopsy reveals that actress and singer Margaret Garza was legally intoxicated when she died last year at her Round Rock, Texas home.


The Austin American-Statesman reports the Tarrant County medical examiner determined the 31-year-old possibly stopped breathing while in a position that obstructed her airway.

The report said she was found not breathing at 6:39 a.m. May 30 on the kitchen floor near a refrigerator with the right side of her face pressed against a cabinet and her neck hyper-extended. In the position she was found, the autopsy said, her airway generally would have remained open but it was possible that her tongue rolled backward and gagged her.

Her blood alcohol level was .106, the autopsy said. “This would be a significant amount if she were a casual alcohol user,” it said.

Police say Garza, who was born in Laredo, died of natural causes.

Garza, who was crowned Miss Texas Belleza Latina in 2007 and Miss Belleza Latina International in 2008, appeared in many Tejano music videos produced by Ryan Bazan. He shared a video interview of Garza on his YouTube channel after learning of her death.

Bazan also produced the music video for Garza’s debut single “Herida De Amor” released in 2014.

Garza’s Internet Movie Database page shows she had several roles in independent films including Mercury Plains with Scott Eastwood and a role on the AMC show The Son, which stars Pierce Brosnan.

WATCH: “Herida De Amor” — Margaret

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