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Lucy searches for lost love in new single ‘Te Amo’ [AUDIO]


Rising Tejano singer Lucy searches for a lost love with her new single, “Te Amo,” released on Friday (Dec. 15).

The track, written by Chris “Chofo” Viveros and produced by Lorenzo “Papo” Banda, is the lead single from Lucy’s upcoming debut album Si Mañana.

“‘Te Amo’ is made up of a different, unexpected sound,” Lucy told Tejano Nation. “It almost makes you feel as though you went back in time several decades.”

Lucy says it’s a song that is relatable to anyone that has ever been in love.

“It gives the younger listener a sense of what someone feels when true love is lost, trying to win that love back with romantic gestures such as poems,” she said. “I personally appreciate the lyrics for that very reason.”

Lucy’s debut album, Si Mañana, is expected to be released on January 25, 2018.

“The album is varied greatly in terms of several different Spanish music genres, which makes for an entire CD that will please any palate,” she says. “From Regional Mexican and old school Tejano all the way to the heavy, percussion-laden cumbias. There’s something in the album for everyone…guaranteed!”

A European release has been confirmed and scheduled for December 15, and Lucy will be traveling to London and Barcelona, which is where this single, as well as the album, will be released later this month.

LISTEN: “Te Amo” — Lucy Y Grupo Genio


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