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Intocable donates $10,000 for Hurricane Harvey relief effort, invites others to donate

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After witnessing the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Intocable made a $10,000 donation through the Red Cross to help those affected.

The band from Zapata, Texas wanted to help after seeing the devastation Hurricane Harvey has caused for so many people in Southeast Texas.

“It is very difficult to see the news,” said Intocable leader Ricardo Muñoz in a press release. “I have relatives who live in the Houston area and may not have been as affected so much, but the scare. The scare of calling your family, of seeing how much rain has fallen. I do not want to imagine all the people really affected directly by Harvey.”

Intocable decided to help their fellow Texans with a monetary donation and hoped other bands would also donate.

“We decided to do our part and put our little grain of salt,” Muñoz added. “We made a donation to the Red Cross and in this case it is not to boast or say ‘we gave’ and make news that we are donating. Most of all I want to use this space to invite all our colleagues, fellow musicians, our fans to donate to the Red Cross however they can. That would be incredible.”

The band wanted to give back to their fans in Houston, who have always supported Intocable.

“Whenever we go, they come, they support…we can always count on Houston…with the public, with the people, with their support, with everything,” said Muñoz. “I know that this is not only true for Intocable, but for many of our many fellow musicians. And if they can help, that’s all we want. It’s not to boast, it is to invite. If we can with this message incite more colleagues to contribute please, please. I know there are friends who are planning to do concerts for those affected. I applaud you…I congratulate you. We need to help our state of Texas. For us who are here, born here, our families live here…we can join, as Texans, unite and give. It’s the only thing I can do through this medium today.”

Muñoz recently underwent vocal cord surgery and appreciated the support received, but said he’s recovering well, but now is the time to help those in need.

“Forget how I am. I’m fine,” he said. “The only thing that’s important is to invite people to contribute, to help. Really, all the people who are affected by Hurricane Harvey are in need. This is our time to unite and to contribute.”

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