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Jessie Marie releases English single and video ‘Forget About You’ [VIDEO]

Young singer and songwriter Jessie Marie released a new English single and music video, “Forget About You.”

After releasing her first two singles and music videos “Ese Muchacho” and “El Chapparito”, Jessie Marie gives her fans something a little different with her new English single.

“I want people to interpret the way they want to,” Jessie Marie told Tejano Nation. “This song is very special to me….I wrote my own song and to listen to the finish product is simply amazing and to also have a music video makes it even more meaningful than ever.”

“Forget About You” was written by Jessie Marie and produced by Sevy Contreras from SlackMonster Studios, featuring background vocals from Rebecca Valadez.

The video was filmed and produced by Ryan Bazan, who along withe Jessie Marie’s mother Maria Perales helped produce a unique and creative visual.

“I am blessed with my mother Maria,” Jessie Marie said. “She is always working so hard for my videos to be unique. Having her and Ryan’s creativity is a huge blessing.  I enjoy giving every video my best because that’s how I thank my fans by giving them something they can enjoy.”

The 17-year-old singer and songwriter plans to release her next Tejano single and music, “La Hija De Nadie,” this fall.

“My goal is to inspire other people to follow their dreams and only you can stop yourself from reaching the stars,” she said. “I was raised to believe the sky’s the limit and we are able to conquer the impossible.”

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