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Intocable cancels shows for full month after Ricky Muñoz forced to rest

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Intocable has canceled their concerts for a full month, after frontman Ricky Muñoz was forced into mandatory rest for four weeks.  The group has pulled the plug on shows from August 8th to September 8th.

“We feel very sad not to be able to share with our audience on these dates, as it is not usual for us to cancel any concert,” Muñoz said in a press release on the group’s Facebook page. “We are a group that spends the whole year on tour and unfortunately there are times that the body demands care. This is one of these moments.”

Muñoz is undergoing treatment that requires mandatory rest per doctor’s orders, due to an excess of tiredness in the vocal cords.

“I have faith that everything will turn out well and that I can quickly get back on stage to do what I enjoy — sharing with our people,” he added.

Intocable plans to reschedule the canceled shows for a later date and will post the information as soon it is available.

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