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Blogger creates DIY Selena lipstick costume

By TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
By TejanoNation Staff
YouTube / FancyMade
YouTube / FancyMade

California blogger Andrea Garcia has taken the Selena x MAC makeup craze to the next level, with a do-it-yourself ‘Como La Flor’ lipstick costume.

“When I say ‘I get inspiration from the smallest things,’ I literally mean it,” Garcia posted on her YouTube channel. “Beyond excited to be channeling my inner lipstick this Halloween, but not just any lipstick, the Selena x Mac ‘Como La Flor’ lippie to be exact.”

Garcia originally wanted to put out a tutorial costume as a regular lipstick, but after seeing how gorgeous the packaging was on the Selena x MAC Cosmetics collaboration campaign, the DIY blogger knew she had to mix the two concepts together.

“Overall the tutorial is very inexpensive, easy to create, and can be customized to your liking,” she added. “You can take the template of the overall costume and re-work it to assemble your favorite lipstick shade/brand too or wear the lipstick hat with a simple black elegant dress and really let your makeup guru vibe shine through.”

The Selena makeup collection was the biggest product launch in MAC Cosmetics history selling out immediately across the country after it’s release in early October.

Check out Garcia’s blog for more great ideas at

WATCH: DIY | Selena MAC Lipstick Costume

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