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9-year-old singer Mia releases comical video for ‘Pepe Le Pew’ [VIDEO]

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pepelepewvid_750x375Young Tejano singer Mia Garcia has released the official video for her latest single, “Pepe Le Pew,” on Monday, her 9th birthday.

The comical visual, directed by Jose Najar, showcases ‘Pepe Le Pew’ trying to find a way to impress the girl.

This is the fourth single and video released from the young singer. The track was produced by Latin Grammy Award winner James Galvez.

“We began the song in the beginning of April for production and within a week we had a close to final production for the song,” Mia’s father Chris Garcia told Tejano Nation. “Because of Mia’s school and daily activities there was a bit of a delay on recording the song, but it ended up working out just perfect for release on Mia’s 9th Birthday.”

“Pepe Le Pew” is a remake of the 1991 hit from Chicago-based band La Sombra de Tony Guerrero.

“We reached out to Tony Guerrero to let him know that we would be working on the song, and he was okay with us working on a modern version of his original version from La Sombra,” Garcia said.

The song was a perfect fit for Mia.

“We chose this song, because it was age appropriate for Mia along with it’s comical nature,” Garcia said.

“Pepe Le Pew” also features two-time Austin Music Award winner Trampia.

“He was very excited to work with Mia, as he had never worked with such young talent and knew the possibilities to grow with her,” Garcia said. “Both Mia and Trampia went to the studio to record together along with Mia’s three-year-old cousin Ana Maria Serrano Hernandez to do some adlib on the track as well.  It turned out super cute and perfect for Mia once everything was said and done.”

“This has definitely been one of Mia’s favorite songs to record and do a music video to,” Garcia added. “We hope everyone enjoys it!”

Mia is offering a free download of “Pepe Le Pew” to her fans for her birthday over the next week. You can get your free copy of the song at The link will expire on June 13.

WATCH: “Pepe Le Pew” by Mia Music

1 comment on “9-year-old singer Mia releases comical video for ‘Pepe Le Pew’ [VIDEO]

  1. Awesome video music sound great with the little girl going to play it on my show


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