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Yvonne Y Fuego debuts ‘Tu Y Yo’ on Tejano Nation Radio [PODCAST]

By TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
By TejanoNation Staff

tnr-yvonneramos_768x5122015 Tejano Music Awards Best New Female artist Yvonne Ramos-Ybarra from Yvonne Y Fuego talked with Tejano Nation Radio with Romeo on Monday (April 25) about her music, her influences and debuted her latest single.

“Tu Y Yo” is the latest track released from Yvonne Y Fuego’s sophomore album, Aqui Estoy.  The track features former Los Musicales lead vocalist Mark Ledesma, now with La Dezz.

“I was super excited when I found out I was doing a duet with him,” Yvonne told Tejano Nation. “He has such an amazing voice. To us, he really does have almost, what we call a Fuego style. It’s like Tejano, but he’s very soulful, R&B-ish, I love that about his voice. His voice is like smooth as silk.”

Yvonne talked about her musical influences Selena, Jay Perez and Ram Herrera. The song on the new album that she has an emotional bond with and much more. Listen to the full interview below.

PODCAST: Tejano Nation Radio – Romeo talks with Yvonne Ramos of Yvonne Y Fuego

1 comment on “Yvonne Y Fuego debuts ‘Tu Y Yo’ on Tejano Nation Radio [PODCAST]

  1. I also appreciate a los Legends de la Onda Tejana.little joe..agustine guzman sunny freddie joe brave miranda and alfonso roy montelongo rudy snd the reno bops carlos landin laura canales stephanie lynn elsa garcia (la mera mera)


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