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Tortilla Factory release ‘Mi Gente’ video featuring Tejano legends [VIDEO]

By TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
By TejanoNation Staff
'El Gato Negro' Ruben Ramos, 'El Charro Negro' Bobby Butler and Alfredo Guerrero come together for 'Mi Gente'. (YouTube)
‘El Gato Negro’ Ruben Ramos, ‘El Charro Negro’ Bobby Butler and Alfredo Guerrero come together for ‘Mi Gente’. (YouTube)

Alfredo Y Tortilla Factory released the official video for their latest single “Mi Gente” on Thursday, featuring Tejano legends “El Gato Negro” Ruben Ramos, “El Charro Negro” Bobby Butler and Joe Gallardo.

Norma Guerrero, wife of the late Tony “Ham” Guerrero and mother of Alfredo Guerrero, wrote about the new video on the Warbucks Music Group YouTube channel.

“My husband, Tony Ham Guerrero, brought his childhood friend, the world acclaimed composer, arranger, and super-versatile musician, Joe Gallardo into Little Joe’s band in 1971. The result was as ethnomusicologist, Dr. Manuel Peña wrote in his book, the Mexican Orquesta: an ‘astonishing bimusical synthesis of ‘Las Nubes’, with dense harmonies and syncopations chararcteristic of modern swing jazz to ranchero/mexicano.’ This masterpiece became the Tejano anthem of La Onda,” she wrote.

Now her son Alfredo, the new leader of the legendary Tortilla Factory, wants to make a sequel to the Tejano Anthem that is “Las Nubes.”

“He also contacted Joe Gallardo,” she continued. “Alfredo delineated this concept to another super talent of La Onda, Mario Ortiz.  Mario came up with a powerful melody.  I wrote the lyrics, after contemplating the ‘Las Nubes’ lyrics. I wanted to follow the melancholy message of ‘Las Nubes’ but to also bring forth a progressive note of pride and accomplishment of our ‘raza fina’, our ‘gente’. When Joe Gallardo heard it, he told Alfredo that it was such a ‘masterful’ production that he himself would not change anything. He did record his magnificent trombone licks on it. And now we have a powerful sequel to ‘Las Nubes’.”

Ruben Ramos interprets this mega song, “Mi Gente”, with the phrasing and soul that he alone can give this work of art. Charro Negro and Alfredo join in three part vocal harmonies rendering a unique sound that has no parallel.

The track is from the upcoming album, Urban Tejano, is a debut for Alfredo Guerrero with Warbucks Music Group.  The album contains four hot fiery cumbia/reggaeton songs, “La Bomba”, “Acercate”, “Esta Noche” and “Mamacita”. The album also contains a duet with Tejano Hall of Famer Shelly Lares in “Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti”. Critis says that Lares’ rendition is more soulful than Christina Aguilera’s version of this song. Charro Negro sings a great interpretation of “Adoro”. “Nadie Como Ella”, and “Ella Tiene” are two dynamic cumbia/salsa songs that make you get up and dance. Latin rapper Julio El Catras is heard on five songs. “Hey Baby” is a Michael Jackson style club dance song. And finally, “New Dance” featuring Paul Wall, the “People’s Champ” is a unique, intense and exciting club banger.

The album “Urban Tejano” is available now at CD Baby, i-tunes and all digital distributions. It will also be available at Janie’s Record Shop, C.E. Distributors and at the performances of the super-talented group.

WATCH: “Mi Gente” by Alfredo Y Tortilla Factory

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