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Michael Salgado releases teaser trailer for ‘Mi Castigo’ video

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Michael Salgado has released a teaser trailer for the official video of his latest single “Mi Castigo” on Wednesday.

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The Grammy Award winner posted the trailer on his official Facebook page.

“Amigos aquí les va una probadita del mi nuevo video “Mi Castigo” que sale oficialmente en mi cumpleaños el 5 de Abril!” Loosely translated, “Friends here it goes a little taste of my new video “Mi Castigo” that comes out officially on my birthday April 5th!”

The teaser trailer shows a loving couple walking to their vehicle and then attacked by a dangerous duo in the parking lot, the woman is hurt after gunshots are heard and the man cries for his loved one as the music begins to play.  The video is produced by The Element and directed by Julia Pizano, Michael Lopez and Mike Salgado, Jr.

“Mi Castigo” is from Salgado’s upcoming album, 20 Aniversario, celebrating 20 years in the music industry. The romantic single, which is filled with heartbreak and longing for a loved one, is available now at all online digital retailers including the Tejano Nation Amazon MP3 store, just click here to download the latest single from Michael Salgado.

WATCH: Teaser trailer for ‘Mi Castigo’ video from Michael Salgado

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  1. That Ondo video Bryan Ramirez did changed the game though. Yet you never posted it.


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