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Michael Salgado releases latest single ‘Mi Castigo’ [AUDIO]

By TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
By TejanoNation Staff

Michael Salgadomichaelsalgado-micastigo released the latest single, “Mi Castigo,” from his upcoming album celebrating 20 years in the music industry.

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“The disc will be called 20 Aniversario and will include ten of my most successful songs, including ‘Cruz De Madera’ and ‘Palomita Blanca,’ plus new songs,” Salgado told RadioNotas in Spanish.

The track features a romantic theme with heartbreak from the singer and accordionist, it pulls at the heartstrings of love and longing for a loved one.

“Mi Castigo” is available now at all online digital retailers including the Tejano Nation Amazon MP3 store, just click here to download the latest single from Michael Salgado.

Stay up to date with Michael Salgado at his official website and at his official Facebook page.

LISTEN: “Mi Castigo” by Michael Salgado

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