TMA Fan Fair Preview: John Zapata, the man behind the autographs

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By Loli Castilla Contributor Lollipop Promotions

By Loli Castilla
Lollipop Promotions

John Zapata (right) is the man behind the autograph sessions and meet and greets at TMA Fan Fair.

John Zapata (right) is the man behind the autograph sessions and meet and greets at TMA Fan Fair.

The legendary John Zapata, doing what he loves best. Contributing his life, time, and his devotion to what he loves from the heart and soul…Tejano Music!

If you follow the Tejano music industry, whether an artist, DJ, photographer, journalist, promotor, fan etc., you know John Zapata! Liked by everyone, Zapata is Tejano to the bone!

Despite his medical challenges, Zapata continues his drive to bring the Tejano music industry to everyone.

“Someone asked me, ‘Why do you work so hard on these Tejano events?’ It’s simple,” said Zapata. “I love the music. I enjoy watching young artists trying to find their niche. Some do, many don’t. Those that do, rise fast in this industry. I’ve been blessed being involved since the early boom of Tejano music. Watching it grow, mature and then reinvent itself into what we have now.”

Zapata has been an important part of the Tejano industry, having a successful performing arts video production company in Dallas, which led him to photograph Selena. From there, he became an official photographer for the Tejano Music Awards.

He was then asked to be in charge of coordinating the autograph sessions at Fan Fair in 2004. What started off with 15 bands, now over 130 bands, he continues to give many hours to bringing over 100,000 fans up close and personal with their favorite Tejano artists.

What is Tejano music to Zapata?

“It’s been meeting great personalities with so much talent; limos and fancy evenings at the Music Awards; it’s been road trips to little Texas towns holding their own music festivals; its been making friendships that have lasted a lifetime; It’s been experiencing every facet of Tejano Music,” he says.

What’s next for this already busy media professional?

“Even more music, more festivals, more dances, more concerts, more Tejano podcasts and expanding my internet radio network.” he added. “For you will always find the time to do what you love! This is living for me. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the things I’ve brought the industry as I continue my Tejano journey. Join me at the next Tejano event and you’ll see what’s keeping me alive!”

It has been a privilege to know John Zapata and to call him my friend. When I met him for the first time, I entered his home and was made to feel like family. Thank you John, for all that you do.

WATCH: TMA Fan Fair Preview – John Zapata


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