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CBS Radio brings Tejano to DFW’s Fierro 107.5 HD2

afierrologo_500x339CBS Radio has brought Tejano music back to the airwaves of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area with Fierro 107.5 HD2.

The station is led by CBS Radio VP/Spanish Programming J.D. Gonzalez and boasts Puro Tejano hits from core artists like Selena, David Lee Garza, Jay Perez, La Mafia, Intocable, Ram Herrera, Gary Hobbs, Roberto Pulido and Bobby Pulido, Michael Salgado, Mazz, Kumbia Kings, Siggno and more.

“I always knew the Tejano scene was alive and well in this area,” Gonzalez told Tejano Nation. “I have visited New West a few times and you can see the passion for this music. Frankie and the crew are doing a great job keeping La Onda alive.”

Gonzalez noticed that the Tejano radio format was ready for a comeback in DFW area.

“What really told me that Tejano was strong, happened in October of last year at the Texas State Fair,” he said. “I have been to many Hispanic concerts at the Texas State Fair, but I have never seen as many Tejanos enjoying Emilio Navaira and Jay Perez. It was amazing. Back in the 90’s, I was on that same stage introducing Selena y Los Dinos, and I have got to say, the crowd last year was equally impressive. It is time!”

The veteran radio programmer is excited about bringing Fierro 107.5 HD2 to the many Tejano music fans in DFW.

“My career in radio has deep roots in Tejano music.” Gonzalez added. “I was an on air talent on KXTN (Bo Leo Gonzalez) for over 10 years. I had the great privilege of working with the great Jonny Ramirez in the morning. These were some of the greatest times of my career! I also co-hosted Tejano Country (television show) for several years. Having done all of that, I can’t help but be ecstatic about creating a new Tejano brand for DFW – Fierro 107.5 HD2.”

The radio station will soon add on-air personalities to compliment the Puro Tejano hits.

“I plan on returning to the airwaves in a few weeks and will add more jocks as time goes.” said Gonzalez. “The goal is to inform and entertain the Tejano way!”

Tejano music fans can also expect to attend exclusive up close and personal performances with their favorite Tejano stars.

“One of the unique offerings CBS Radio has is a private showroom that holds up to 100 people,” Gonzales said. “I plan on having private unplugged performances with Tejano’s best artist. In addition, I will be looking to promote new music as well.”

Fierro 107.5 HD2 can heard via an HD Radio, available on most newer vehicles, or online at and via the free TuneIn app, just search Fierro DFW.

“As streaming becomes more viable, we are taking a build it now and they will come,” Gonzalez added. “Already Fierro is streaming as much as any other of the CBS RADIO – Dallas formats with no real promotion. So help us spread the word and listen to Puro Tejano at home on your HD Radio or stream it at work and/or in the car – Fierro!”

Tejano radio is back and ready to grow in DFW.  Get more info about Fierro 107.5 HD2 at the station’s official Facebook page, just click here.

4 comments on “CBS Radio brings Tejano to DFW’s Fierro 107.5 HD2

  1. connie gonzales

    Hello…I live in Waco,Tx. I’m a valley girl from the RGV….and I’m a Tejano fan!! But Waco ain’t got that music here…any way that this airwave can reach ME here in Waco?!….thank you


  2. Joe Salazar

    We need more tejano music in Dallas…..


  3. Susie Garcia

    I love this station and so proud to have the tejano music going still here in Dallas local.


  4. G Hernandez Jr

    Tejano is the official music in Texas….period.


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