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Di Marie releases duet with Juan Jose Rodriguez from Bajo Zero [AUDIO]

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"Alguien" is a duet from Di Marie and Juan Jose Rodriguez from Bajo Zero. (Hi Def Willy)
“Alguien” is a duet from Di Marie and Bajo Zero lead vocalist Juan Jose Rodriguez. (Hi Def Willy)

2015 Tejano Music Awards Best New Female Artist nominee Di Marie has released a duet with 2015 TMA Best New Male Artist winner Juan José Rodriguez, lead vocalist for Bajo Zero.  

“Alguien,” a cover of the 2012 hit from Puerto Rican singer Kany Garcia, is produced and arranged by Hi Def Willy.

“I was given the idea for this song about two years ago,” Willy told Tejano Nation. “I’ve always been a fan of Di Garza’s voice so I asked her to be involved in it. I thought her voice fit perfectly. Same goes for Juan, when Noe Avalos came to me about doing their album artwork I became a fan instantly.”

Willy, who is also a sought after graphic artist, announced this is just the start for something bigger.

“This song sort of sparked a whole project.” he said. “I’m currently working on an album to showcase new talent within and outside Tejano industry. I am mostly known to most for just my artwork, so this time I wanted to showcase another one of my talents.”

Willy wants to open doors for new artists with the connections he already has with established artists.

“Being that I work closely with some of the top Latin, Norteño and Banda artists, their collaborations and help is a blessing to me,” he said. “I want to in someway open doors for the new artists to gain exposure.”

The project is scheduled to be released in late summer of 2016 with amazing features from both artists and musicians.

“Would like to thank the musicians Little Eddie Perez and Michael Machado from La Calma, Aaron Pantera Martinez from La FirmaRosendo Villareal and Cacy Savala for their help on ‘Alguien’,” added Willy.

LISTEN: “Alguien” by Di Marie featuring Juan Jose Rodriguez from Bajo Zero

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