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Former wife of ex-KXTN host Jonny Ramirez pens open letter to listeners

The former wife of the longtime KXTN morning show host penned a heartfelt message about the radio icon.

Jonny Ramirez and Rebecca Ybarra-Ramirez (Courtesy photo)
Jonny Ramirez and Rebecca Ybarra-Ramirez (Courtesy photo)

Days after the shocking news that beloved Tejano morning show personality Jonny Ramirez was released from his duties at San Antonio radio station KXTN 107.5, Rebecca Ybarra-Ramirez, his former wife, posted an open letter to listeners on Facebook.

The post was a heartfelt letter about the 22 years that the iconic radio personality spent with the radio station, from his battles with corporate programming to keep the Tejano format on KXTN, to using his own money for station promotions and his philanthropic work with many charities.


Here’s the full text of the letter:

Best Run of My Life

October 20, 2015, a chapter closed. A chapter of 22 years. A chapter of amazing Tejano music and artists. A chapter of radio personalities, sales weenies, and corporate suits. A chapter overflowing with the best listeners in the world. A chapter in the Life of Jonny Ramirez, ‪#‎bestformerhusbandever‬.

Yes, on Tuesday Univision Radio made a business decision to terminate ties with Jon. Although many may not agree with their actions (well, some may) please understand it is just another day in corporate America. We respect that. Please know that the Univision San Antonio building is still filled with great hard working passionate people who will be missed.

I’ve read many great posts over the past few days from nuestra raza who “grew up” listening to Jonny, those who couldn’t begin their day without the ‘Jonny Ramirez in the Morning Show’, and those who shared the music with their children and grandchildren on their drive to school. Thank you.

As many are aware, Jonny is modest and speaks few words until he finds his comfort zone. Well, I’d like to share a few things you may not be aware of.

• Jon worked at 12 stations in seven years before he landed a gig with Tichenor Media Services. Jon was loyal. He had offers to move to larger markets, but his loyalty was with the Tichenor family. Warren and Mac, thank you for giving him the opportunity to “goof off on the radio”.

• On several occasions throughout the years, corporate suits proposed “flipping” KXTN, but Jon stood his ground to keep ‘nuestra musica’ on the airwaves and succeeded.

• Jon worked along side great morning drive personalities like Bo en la Caja, Go Cart Carlos, Bo Leo, Speedy Petey, Mike Pecina, Baby J, Ale Ballesteros, Lady Di, Naomi G., Abby Chavarrilla, Tina, Petey Galindo, Jammin J Javi and who can forget Big Papa… Go Cowboys!!!

• Jon would always go above and beyond to personally purchase KXTN promotional product for the listeners, funding for contests and thanksgiving dinners for those in need.

• Jon had many sleepless nights giving back. With your help, millions of dollars were raised for Tejanos for Children, San Antonio Area Food Bank, Christus Santa Rosa, Children’s Miracle Network, St. Jude, San Antonio Police Officers Association Blue Santa program and for multiple families of fallen Bexar County and SAPD Officers.

Through it all, Jon truly cared about the music, the culture and you, the listeners.

Today we continue to count our blessings. We have our health, family and friends.

As the ‪#‎bestformerwifeever‬ (well, the two who preceded me may think otherwise), I am extremely grateful to have been included in this chapter we now know as the “Best Run of My Life.”

Hugs to all.

*This post was reprinted with permission from Rebecca Ybarra-Ramirez

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40 comments on “Former wife of ex-KXTN host Jonny Ramirez pens open letter to listeners


    Well I’m an ex musician well jonny was a good man but if he really cared about his raza or la onda tejana like you say. He would support every artist out their. Theirs alot of young talent out their that he doesn’t want to play on the KXTN RADIO. Theirs more than just the same 15 to 20 bands you played every hour. But in a different rotation. Your not being fair with your raza bro. You only have use for those small bands when you want something free. But other than that you don’t give a crap about those small bands with good talent.



    This is not just you and KXTN theirs alot of other stations doing the same crap. You don’t want to play bands like.




    • Musicianswife

      All those bands are nothing but JOKES, that’s why he would never play them! Get reallllllllll!


      • It was about time……he should have been let go A LONNNNNNNNG TIME AGO


      • And you think your husband didn’t begg for a spot on the play list? I’m sure he was a joke at some point…


    • Time for a change. Ramirez went on and on and on, on terrible material and repetitious story lines. It was about time. -joe


    • Diane Perez

      he was forced to play all genres by KXTN, he personally want to keep it tejano music


  3. Raul Aréchiga

    Wooooooow!!!!!! This is soo sad! Hits pretty hard you feel it in your stomach! I feel for everyone in San Antonio & the surrounding areas! I totally understand the situation. I am a retired on air personality myself. Was in the tejano music business for over 12 years. Really hits home when you were raised with LA onda. Unfortunately music has evolved since our good old days and the demand for tejano is just not there anymore. We are out numbered! A similar situation happened in the Rio Grande valley with Que pasa 99.5. Corporate came in changed format and cleaned house. What can I say? It happens. I thank Johnny for what he did in and for the tejano music industry. KXTN will always live in our hearts. Was an awesome radio station & was a great influence in my DJ career. Much love to everyone in the Alamo city! God bless you all!
    Raul Arechiga Jr.


    • Tejano Joe

      I hear you man, the real problem is this. Yes we are out numbered, but people who listen to Regional MExican are more faithful to their music. I see so many true tejanos who don’t stay true to Tejano music. They listen to Country, rock, hip hop, talk radio, regional mexican and even oldies. So if the Tejano people would remain true to their music and support Tejano radio, Otra cosa fuera!!


  4. Patricia Bravo

    Well just to let you know the is not same any more. He is truly miss.


  5. Priscilla garza

    I will not listen to that radio station any longer.


  6. Ely De Hoyos

    Wow, well we all knew it would come someday, but we all wished it would come when we were dead & gone, like some guy was saying that he didn’t play so & so I happen to play with a well established old school band from Laredo & every time we traveled to San Anto we look forward to Jonny in the morning & driving back we didn’t want to get to Laredo to keep listening, but… when 1 door closes “God” opens another one for you, God Bless Jonny !!


    • Angie Mendoza

      I wholeheartedly believe that: it’ll never be the same again without Johnny Ramirez in the morning. Johnny woke me up each morning back in 2006, with his good morning yell.I made my coffee, got ready for work, took my son to daycare, and got to work with high spirits because of this man. I recall one morning Johnny took off due to being sick. I felt so depressed, I couldn’t go to work & I stood home with my toddler that day. My son is 12 now. I drive him to school. How I miss the motivation!


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  8. Albert Ramirez

    It was long over due, it’s about time Univision made the decision to move away from this guy, his voice, his type of humor and him in general was very annoying, it’s going to be a great future for the station.


  9. Mary Ann Esquivel

    won’t be the same without Jonny, kxtn made a big mistake by letting him go. Always had good music in the morning that got you going..


  10. Man o man. I feel like a part of me has died with johnny gone. Its like whats next. Wbere are you man? I needs you. Johnny get another radio station up and going and your fans will follow. Get some vato locos to fund your radio tbe underground railroad but for tejanos. I feel like calling the united farmworkers down here to Sa to protest. I am a old broken down farm worker who became a damb good worker in the USA. Held some great jobs before i became disable. But you my dear friend made me remember never to forget my culture my mom and dads music. Which now i share with my child. Cant stand to loose another perso or hear disappointing news. Dont give up. Strap those wevos on if you have to. Come back. Please.


  11. KXTN IS DEAD TO ME !!!!!!


    • I totally agree with you!!!


    • Ernest Hinojosa

      I was loyal listener of kxtn, I like country music, but wanted to listen tejano, that was one. The other thing that started to bother me, was listeners would call in to b part of the morning show to give their 0pinion about the topic they were discussing,but Jon would not let them speak. More or less he would GIVE the listener their opinion. So why call in. JUST RUDE


  12. Out with the old, in with the new. Long overdue. See you later weiso.


  13. Yes I agree was very disappointed when I found out JOHNNY was gone. I really don’t care for Big Boyee his voice is something else! Jaminn Jay is great always loved to wake up listening to him and JOHNNY in the mornings, made the mornings great. So I’ll have to just listen after 10 in the mornings when its Jaminn Jay or one of the other Djs. Best of luck to JOHNNY. Lilly, Austin Tx.


  14. michael morales

    Just like everything else change comes from people who have money and don’t give a dam about others.


  15. Wil miss u. Good luck


  16. Best tribute to johnny is for kxtn to shut up and keep playing his kind of tejano music. He is a true artist and will be missed.. Do your best amming j javi.





  18. Victor Rodríguez

    I truly miss the barbacoa sunday shows with jon. On another,note. Why is KXTN playing a jay perez,song at least once every hour? Theres other much bette artist and station doesnt,play their,music?


  19. I understand as time goes on a lot of changes happen with it and we all knew that one day this would happen when Jonny would no longer be with the station. What I don’t understand is there is really no other real competition for local tejano stations, my point being that if Jonny had a lot off pull at one point with the station why didn’t he play some different bands along the way. There are so many great bands that get no play. I am a local mobile dj here in SA (Dj Razor) and when I dj and do my tejano/conjunto mix I always make time to throw in some stuff that don’t get radio play and the crowd loves it. For example groups like Los Fantasmas del valle, Los enmascarados, Los camaradas de san anto. All im saying is that there is an extremely long playlist of tejano/conjunto music that just the regular mainstream groups. While I know the station played country, freestlye, oldies, funk to get all kind of listeners and believe me I love all music. It needs to just stick to what it really knows TEJANO. I know it aint the golden ages of tejano like back in 95 but you really wanna keep us listening play a more variety, but hey what do I know im just a local mobile dj….laterz


  20. Bring Jonny Back !


  21. good riddance


  22. Rick bernal from Laredo Texas

    Keep on head Johnny u r kxtn brother. We miss u. Carnal. Thats why I listen to tejanofm from Toledo Ohio.


  23. I hate to see anyone loose a job but yhis format like someone said earlier was so repetitive, i mean no mattet when you switched to the station, same music really ,that’s why tejano is dead and norteno is thriving they give all the talent a chance yo be heard ,stagnant water after a while dries up.


  24. You’ll Tex-Mex need to stick together that is why we never get anywhere because you’re jealous of someone who has made it. Jon is not perfect but he was there just about every morning even on Sundays, how many of you have done that and then been told “it’s about time you left”. Come on, stick together and pull for each other otherwise we will never climb the ladder of success. Jon it’s not the same anymore you not been on the radio, yea I listen to some music but we miss that special stuff you were putting out. Thanks Jon for the time and God Bless and hope you find another radio station nearby. Tony from San Marcos, Tex.


  25. Joe Lopez

    What Can I say Johnny’s replacement is terrible Big Boy , yells everytime he talks. He sucks, from a scale from 1 to 10, he is a 3. He replaces a 2 Loser Johnny Ramirez . “Dirt replaces Crap” is the best way to put it. -joe


  26. Yep! Johnny’s gone and so, too, is this once former loyal listener f/Oregon. 😦


  27. Big Daddy

    Just found out (kinda late) I too am a former tejano radio personality and had a similar situation (format change), but I left on my own accord. I like Jonny am a true Tejano at heart. Back in 2006 I had the pleasure of presenting an award at the Tejano Music Awards at the Kikapoo Casino in Eagle Pass, Texas, and yes I heard a lot of negative comments about Jonny. I personally haven’t meet him, so I can judge. What I can say is driving north from Laredo I wouldn’t stop scanning my radio until I got KXTN 107.5. I found him entertaining and enjoyed the programming, but then again I am a true Tejano. I wish Jonny the best and hope KXTN doesn’t change the format. Oh! 1 more thing shout out to the green eyed monster (Raul Arechiga) look me up brother. Ya fue mucho… Thanks “Big Daddy” Hector Morales


  28. Big Daddy

    Sorry, meant can’t judge.


  29. A few months ago I asked my sister: Why is 107.5 so much easier to listen to,now? The enviroment, music, DJ’s all sound like there’s some sense of peace over the air? She replied it’s because they got rid of that “jerk,sexist- chauvinistic-Pig Jonny Ramirez!!!” Wow!I replied. Are you serious (with great joy)? This has been years long overdue. Jonny mistreated and fired a lot of great DJs thinking he was the only one that knew-it-all. I do hope that KXTN brings them all back for a second chance? As far as Mrs. ex-wife,her pencil and shallowed minded fans…You are way behind times just like Johnny was. I’m now back listening to this great Tejano station it was before he chewed it up to pieces! Way-to-go-CORPORATE!


  30. G. Angie . Mendoza

    It’s so borrrring nowadays, I’m back to buying cd’s. Please bring Johnny Ramirez back!!!!! SA town will never be the same again without this man’s motivation!


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